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01 October 1746 HMS Exeter (58) and consorts captured and burnt Ardent.
1748 Battle of Havana. British Caribbean squadron under Charles Knowles engaged a Spanish squadron Don Andres Reggio near Havana. After a number of aborted attacks, the British succeeded in driving the Spanish back to their harbour after capturing the Conquistador and running the vice-admiral's ship Africa on shore where she was blown up by her own crew after being totally dismasted and made helpless. Both commanders were reprimanded by their respective commands for their conduct during the engagement.
1800 U.S. Schooner Experiment captures French Schooner Diana.
1808 HMS Cruizer (18), Lt. (act. Cdr.) Thomas Well, captured a Danish gun brig (10).

A fire broke out in Greenwich Hospital, which consumed the infirmary, but no lives were lost.

02 October 1758 HMS Lizard (28) took Duc d'Hanovre off Brest. top
1776 HMS Cruizer (8), Cdr. Francis Parry, was burnt off the coast of South Carolina.
1786 Augustus Keppel died
1804 Devonshire, Cdr. Joseph Edmuns of HMS Fury, used as explosion vessel employed against French shipping in the Boulogne Roads. HMS Providence fireship was also used.
1805 HMS Barracouta Schooner (4), Lt. J. Orchard, ran on shore on Jordan Key on the south side of Cuba
1806 Boats of HMS Minerva (32), Cptn. George Ralph Collier, at Ons Island, took Spanish gunboat No.
2 commanded by Lt. Don Jesse Lopez.
1817 HMS Julia Brig (16), Jenkin Jones, wrecked off Tristan d'Acunha, coast of Africa.
1840 Removal of gunpowder from Beyrout by parties from HMS Hastings (72), Cptn. John Lawrence, and HMS Edinburgh (74)
03 October 1778 HMS Mary (3) lost in Plymouth sound top
1796 HMS Narcissus (20), Cptn. Percy Fraser, wrecked off New Providence.
1799 HMS Speedy (14), Jahleel Brenton, chased Spanish coasters on shore in a bay to the east of Cape Trafalgar.

HMS Carnation (18), Cptn. Charles Mars Gregory (Killed in Action), captured by La Palinure (16), off Martinique.

04 October 1710

Danish fleet of 26 ships, under General Admiral Count Gyldenløve, engaged Swedish fleet of 21 ships, underAdmiral Wachtmeister, in Køge Bay, just south of Copenhagen. It was a Danish victory although their ship-of-the-line Dannebrog, Cptn Iver Huitfeldt (Killed in Action), blew up.

1741 HMS Trial (14) scuttled as unfit for service
1744 Loss of the HMS Victory (100), Cptn. Samuel Faulkner. Admiral Sir John Balchen and 1,100 men lost. 
1780 including HMS Thunderer (74),  HMS Phoenix (44), HMS Barbadoes (14)  foundered in the West Indies. 13 Royal Navy ships foundered in the great hurricane over 8 days. 
1797 HMS Alexandrian schooner (6), Lt. William Wood Senhouse, captured rench privateer schooner Epicharis (8) off Barbadoes
05 October 1762 Capture of Manila by British forces under Rear Ad. Samuel Cornish top
1780 HMS Stirling Castle (64), HMS Scarborough (22) and HMS Victor (10),  foundered in the West Indies.13 Royal Navy ships foundered in the great hurricane over 8 days. 
1793 HMS Bedford (74), HMS Captain (74), Cptn. Reeve, and HMS Speedy (14), Charles Cunningham, captured frigate Modeste (36) and two armed tartans at Genoa.
1799 HMS Ferret (12) engaged Spanish privateer.
1804 HMS Indefatigable (44), Commodore Graham Moore, HMS Lively (38), Cptn. Sir Graham Eden Hamond, HMS Medusa (32), Captain John Gore, and HMS Amphion (32), Captain Samuel Sutton, take three Spanish frigates Medea (40), Cptn. Francisco de Piedrola y Verdugo, Fama (34), Cptn Miguel Zapiain y Valladares, and Santa Clara (34), Cptn. Aleson y Bueno, and a fourth, Mercedes (36), Cptn. Jose Manuel De Goicoa y Labarthad, blows up S. W. of Cape St. Mary. The 4 ships, under Rear Admiral Don Jose Bustamante y Guerra, had been carrying treasure:- $1,307,634 in silver with wool, bars of tin and pigs of copper belonging to the King; $1, 859,216 in silver dollars, $1,119,658 in gold and 150,011 gold ingots belonging to merchants, and seal skins and oil belonging to the Marine Company.
1805 HMS Princess Charlotte (38), Cptn. George Tobin, recaptured Cyane off Tobago.
1813 Rear Admiral Fremantle commences blockade of Trieste with HMS Milford (74), Cptn. J. D. Markland, HMS Eagle (74) and smaller ships
1863 Confederate David seriously damages USS New Ironsides with a spar torpedo off Charleston, South Carolina.
06 October 1779 HMS Quebec (32), Cptn. George Farmer (Killed in Action), engaged French frigate La Surveillante (40), off Ushant, but her sails caught fire and she blew up. Accompanying cutter HMS Rambler (10), Lt. George, engaged a French cutter Expedition but it bore away with Rambler too shattered to follow. top
07 October 1711 HMS Feversham (32), Cptn. Robert Paston, wrecked off Cape Breton top
1769  HMS Endeavour, Lt. James Cook, arrived at New Zealand.
1795 Off Cape St.-Vincent the HMS Fortitude (74),  HMS Bedford (74), Cptn. Augustus Montgomery, HMS Lutine, HMS Tisiphone and Censeur (jury-rigged and armed en flute), with their convoy sighted a large French squadron, which sailed in chase. In the subsequent exchange the Censeur was recaptured by the French along with 30 ships of the convoy, the rest continuing their passage to England.
1807 Boats of HMS Porcupine (22), Cptn. Hon. Henry Duncan, cut out Italian gunboat Safo, Ensign Antonio Ghega, from tthe harbour of Zupaino, Adriatic.
1864 USS Washusett captures Confederate raider CSS Florida in harbor of Bahia, Brazil. 
08 October 1746 HMS Weazle (16), Cdr. Hugh Palliser, off Beachy Head, in a short time captured four French privateers including Jeanie (6). Antoine Colloit, and Fortune (10), John Gilliere. top

HMS Gipsy (10), Lt. Coryndon Boger, captured armed sloop Quid pro Quo (8), Mons. Tourpie off the northern end of Guadeloupe. 

HMS Diligence (16), Charles Hodgson Ross, wrecked on the Honda Bank near Havana.


HMS Modeste (36), Cptn. Hon. George Elliot, captured French corvette Jena (18)

1812 HMS Avenger Sloop (18), Urry Johnson, wrecked in the narrows of St. John's Harbour, Newfoundland.
1842 Commodore Lawrence Kearny in USS Constitution addresses a letter to the Viceroy of China, urging that American merchants in China be granted the same treaty privileges as the British. His negotiations are successful. 
09 October 1715 HMS Jamaica (14) wrecked on Grand Cayman top
1799 HMS Lutine (32) wrecked on the banks between Terschelling and Vlieland, coast of Holland, with a cargo of gold, silver bars and money. After the accident, many attempts were made to recover her valuable cargo, sometimes with success. In total, some 120 gold and 60 silver bars are known to be salvaged. The Lutine was insured, causing Lloyd's a lot of financial problems to pay the damage and her recovered bell is still sounded by Lloyds to announce shipwrecks .

HMS Galgo (14) [renamed Chance], George Samuel Stovin, upset in a squall in lat. 21° long. 61° west and foundered.

1803 HMS Atalante (16), J. O. Masefield, drove three French vessels ashore at the mouth of the Pennerf.
1804 HMS Albacore, Major Jacob Henniker, located 5 luggers armed as gunvessels anchored on a lee shore under cover of a battery near Cape Gris Nez de Flamanville. The enemy vessels were driven ashore and broke up under the heavy surf.
1812 Boat party under Lt. Jesse D. Elliott captures HMS Detroit (6) and HMS Caledonia in Niagara River. Both vessels were subsequently burnt.
1813 HMS Thunder bomb, W. O. Pell, captured the French lugger Neptune (16) off the Ower's Light.
10 October 1707 Convoy and escort, under Commodore Edwards, was intercepted by two French squadrons, under the Count de Forbin and Du Guai Trouin, off the Lizard. HMS Cumberland (80), HMS Ruby (48) and HMS Chester (48), Capt. John Balchen, were captured. HMS Devonshire (80), Cptn. Watkins, caught fire and blew up. top
1770 HMS Endeavour, Lt. James Cook, arrived at Batavia.
1775 Continental Navy schooner Hannah (4), Nicolson Broughton, engages HM sloop Nautilus (16) near Beverly, Massachusetts
1781 HMS Charon (44), Cptn. Thomas Symonds, HMS Guadaloupe (28), HMS Fowey (24), Cptn. Peter Aplin, HMS Vulcan fireship, and some transports, were burnt in the Chesapeake before Yorktown by hot shot from the American batteries. They would otherwise have been captured.
1795 HMS Mermaid (32), Cptn. Warre, captured Brutus (10),  Requiem Bay, Grenada
1796 HMS Malabar (54), Cptn. Parr, foundered coming home from West Indies.
1799 HMS Jupiter (50) engaged Prencuse.
1812 HMS Sentinel Gun-boat (12), Lt. William Elletson King, wrecked North-east end of the Island of Rugen, Baltic.
11 October 1746 HMS Nottingham (60), Cptn. Philip Saumarez, took French ship Mars (64) off Cape Clear. top
1765 HMS Lapwing (10) lost
1776 Battle of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain, New York. American fleet of 15 ships, under Benedict Arnold, defeated by British fleet of approx. 30 vessels.
1780 HMS Laurel (28), HMS Andromeda (28), Cptn. Henry Brine, swept ashore at Martinique and HMS Deal Castle (24), Cptn. James Hawkins, and HMS Endeavour (14) also foundered in the West Indies.13 Royal Navy ships foundered in the great hurricane over 8 days. 
1781 HMS Firebrand fireship (16) blew up off Falmouth
1782 Gibraltar relieved by Lord Howe.

Battle of Camperdown. British under fleet Adam Duncan defeat Dutch fleet under Jan Willem de Winter 

1808 HMS Greyhound (32), Hon. W. Pakenham, wrecked on the coast of Lemonia.
1811 HMS Imperieuse (38), Capt, Hon. Henry Duncan, silenced a strong fort near Positano in the Gulf of Salerno and sank a gunboat. 2 other gunboats sheltering below the fort were taken..
1814 Boats of HMS Endymion (50) Cptn. Henry Hope, repulsed trying to take American brigantine privateer Prince de Neufchatel off Nantucket .
1828 HMS Jasper Sloop (10) , L. C. Rooke, grounded in running for Harbour of St. Maura.
12 October 1702 The Battle of Vigo Bay. An Anglo-Dutch fleet, under Sir George Rooke, captured or destroyed a French fleet, under Admiral Chateau-Renault, together with Spanish treasure galleons and transports, under Manuel de Valesco, in Vigo bay.  top
1793 Boats of HMS Captain (74), Cptn. Reeve, and HMS Speedy (14), Charles Cunningham, found French frigate  Imperieuse (40) at Porta Especia. She scuttled herself but was raised and taken into the Royal Navy
1798 Battle of Tory Island. British squadron, under Sir John Borlase Warren, defeats a French invasion squadron, under Commodore  Jean-Baptiste Francois Bompart, of ship-of-the-line Hoche and 8 frigates off Donegal, Ireland.
1799 HMS Trincomalee (16), Lt. John Rowe, engaged Iphigenie (24) in the Persian Gulf. They fought at close quarters for 20 minutes when both vessels suddenly blew up.
1800 HMS Urchin gunvessel, Lt. Thomas Pearson Croasdaile, foundered in Tetuan Bay while under tow by HMS Hector
1806 HMS Constance (22), Cptn. Alexander Saunderson Burrows (Killed in Action), HMS Sheldrake (16), John Thicknesse, HMS Strenuous (14), Lt. John Nugent, and HMS Britannia cutter, Lt. Smith, took  frigate La Salamandre (26) anchored close to the rocks off Erquy and covered by a battery of guns on the cliffs. Constance and the prize had both taken the ground and, in spite of the heavy fire from the shore, great efforts were made to get them off, but without success. The prize was set on fire but, although she was left completely wrecked on the rocks, the French later recovered and repaired Constance.
1813 Island of St. George taken and Cattaro blockaded by HMS Bacchante (38), Cptn. William Hoste, HMS Saracen (18), Cptn. John Harper and 2 Sicilian gunboats
13 October 1775

The Continental Congress at Philidelphia resolves to build armed ships. Recognized as the date of the official establishment of the US Navy

1796 HMS Terpsichore (32), Cptn. Richard Bowen,  captured Spanish frigate Mahonesa (34), Cptn. Don Tomas Ayaldi, off Carthagena.
1798 HMS Jason (38), Charles Stirling, wrecked on unknown rock near Brest.
1804 HMS Firebrand fireship, William Maclean, wrecked off Dover.
1805 HMS Jason (32), Cptn. P. William Champain, captured French national corvette Naiade (20), Lt. Hamond,  in the Atlantic west of Barbados. Jason also took a Spanish schooner, Three Schooners, the same day.
1813 HMS Telegraph (14), Cdr. Timothy Scriven, engaged Filbustier (22), Lt. Daniels,  in the mouth of the Adour until her crew escaped ashore after setting her on fire. Attempts to save her did not succeed.
14 October 1747 The Second Battle of Cape Finisterre. A British fleet of 14 ships of the line, under Rear-Admiral Sir Edward Hawke, intercepted a French convoy protected by eight French ships of the line, under Admiral Desherbiers de l'Etenduère.

 It was a decisive British victory.

1761 HMS Griffon (28) lost off Bermuda
1782 HMS London (98) and HMS Torbay (74) and HMS  Badger (14) chased French warships, Scipion (74) and Sibylle (40) off San Domingo. Scipion was engaged but London's tiller rope was shot away which gave Scipion time to escape although she eventually struck a rock whilst anchoring in Samana Bay and sank.

HMS Melampus (36) and HMS Latona (38) engaged batteries at Groix. 

HMS Mermaid (32), Cptn. Warre, captured Republicaine (18),  Requiem Bay, Grenada

1803 HMS Racoon (16), Austin Bissell, captured gun-brig  Petite Fille, Amelie (4) and Jeune Adele (6) near Cumberland Harbour in Cuba.
1810 HMS Briseis (10), George Bentham, captured French privateer Sans Souci (14) in North Sea.
1811 HMS Pomone (38), Cptn. Robert Barrie, with Sir Hartford Jones on board, wrecked on the Needles. The master was severely reprimanded for not taking accurate bearings of Hurst lighthouse.
1813 Capture of battery and 16 vessels at Marinelo, east of Civita Vecchia, by HMS Furieuse (38), Capt. William Mounsey.
15 October 1711 HMS Edgar (70), Cptn. George Paddon, blew up at Spithead after an accidental fire. top
1779 HMS Charon (44), Cptn. Luttrel, HMS Lowestoffe (32), Cptn. Christopher Parker (2), HMS Pomona (28), HMS Porcupine (24) and other small craft surprised fortress of San Fernando de Omoa in Honduras which during 4 day campaign was taken with 2 Spanish treasure ships. The treasure found in the fort and on board two treasure ships was worth some two million dollars.

HMS Melampus (36), Cptn. Sir Richard John Strachan, and HMS Latona (38), Cptn. the Honourable Arthur Kaye Legge, engaged French frigates Tortue (40) and Néréide (36) off Rochefort.

HMS Thunderer (74), Cptn. Albermarle Bertie, HMS Pomone (40), Commodore Sir John Borlase Warren and HMS Concorde (36), Cptn. Anthony Hunt, took French brig-corvette Eveillé (16) off Isle d'Yeu

16 October 1798 HMS Mermaid (32), Cptn. Newman, and HMS Kangaroo (16), Edward Brace,  engaged Loire (46). top

Boats of HMS Echo (16) cut out American built French letter of marque Buonaparte (12), Enseigne de Vaisseau Pierre Martin, from Lagnadille at the north-west of Puerto Rico.

1807 HMS Pert (16), Donald Campbell, wrecked off Santa Margarita.
1815 Napoleon Buonaparte was landed on St. Helena where he remained under the watchful eye of the Royal Navy until his death on 6 May 1821.
17 October 1747

Squadron of 4 British privateer frigates, under Commodore George Walker, King George, Prince Frederick, Princess Amelia and Duke engaged Spanish Glorioso (70) near Cape St. Vincent. They were later reinforced by HMS Dartmouth (50), Cptn. John Hamilton, which caught fire and blew up, and HMS Russell (92) before Cptn. don Pedro Messia de la Cerda surrendered.


HMS Ethalion (38), Cptn J. Young, captured Spanish frigate Thetis (36), Don Juan de Mendoza, from Vera Cruz with specie valued at 1,411,256 dollars.

1807 HMS Firefly schooner, Lt. Thomas Price, foundered in a hurricane off Curacao.

HMS Pelorus (18), Capt. Huskisson, and HMS Hazard (16), Hugh Cameron, were blockading Point-a-Petre when they observed a privateer schooner moored under the battery of St. Mary, Guadeloupe. Pelorus destroyed the battery and their boats boarded and blew up the schooner.

18 October


HMS Lively (20), Cptn. Hon. Frederic Maitland, took Valeur (20) off Cuba.

HMS Boreas (28), Cptn. Samuel Uvedale, takes La Sirene (32)

1775 Capt. Henry Mowat RN, leading a four ship flotilla (HMS Canso, HMS Symmetry, HMS Spitfire, and HMS Halifax), commenced naval bombardment of Falmouth, Massachusetts (site of modern day Portland, Maine).
1798 HMS Anson (38), Cptn Durham, and HMS Kangaroo (16), Edward Brace, captured Loire (46).

HMS Triton (32), Cptn. John Gore, HMS Naiad (38) and HMS Alcemene (32), Cptn. H. Digy, captured Santa Brigida (36), Don Antonio Pillon, from Vera Cruz with specie valued at 1,400,000 dollars.

HMS Impregnable (98), Cptn. Jonathan Faulknor, wrecked after striking on Chichester Shoals of Portsmouth.


HMS Caroline (36), Cptn. Peter Rainier, captured Dutch frigate Maria-Riggersbergen (36), Captain Jager, off the coast of Java.


USS Wasp (18), Master Commandant Jacob Jones, captures HMS Frolic (18), Cptn. Thomas Whinyates,off the coast of Virginia.

HMS Poictiers (74), Cptn. Sir J. P. Beresford, captured USS Wasp (18), Master Commandant Jacob Jones, and re-captured Frolic.

19 October 1810 Start of campaign to capture Lle de France by HMS Illustrious (74), Cptn. William Robert Broughton, and consorts. top

Cptn. George Ralph Collier, HMS Surveillante (36), and a party of marines, in conjunction with a party of guerillas under Pastor, attacked the battery of Mundaca, put the enemy to flight, blew up the fortifications, and carried off all the stores.

Boats of HMS Imperieuse (38), Cptn, Hon. Henry Duncan, and HMS Thames (32), Cptn. Charles Napier, took 10 polacres at Palinuro, Calabria.

1843 Cptn. Robert Stockton in USS Princeton, the first screw propelled naval steamer, challenges British merchant ship Great Western to a race off New York, which Princeton won.
20 October 1744 HMS Bonetta (14), HMS Greenwich (54), Cptn. Edward Allen, HMS St. Albans (54), HMS Thunder bomb (8) and HMS Lark hulk (42) foundered off Jamaica during hurricane. top
1778 HMS Jupiter (50), Cptn. Francis Reynolds, and HMS Medea (28), Capt. James Montagu, engaged a French ship of the line Triton in the Bay of Biscay.
1793 HMS Crescent (36), Cptn. James Saumarez, engaged French frigate Reunion with a cutter, Esperance (14) in company. Reunion was taken but Esperance escaped into Cherbourg.
1798 HMS Fisgard (44) captured Immorlalite.
1799 HMS Cerberus (32) engaged five Spanish frigates.
1806 HMS Athenienne (64), Cptn. Robert Raynsford, wrecked on the Esquerques, off Sicily.
1808 21 Danish gunboats, under Cptn. Johan C. Krieger, attacks a British convoy in the southern part of the Sound. The convoy consisting of 137 ships is escorted by HMS Africa (64), Cptn. John Barrett, HMS Thunder bomb, James Caulfield, and 2 brigs. Due to lack of wind Africa could not manouvere and was severely damaged.
1813 HMS Achates (16), Isaac Morrison, engaged Trave off Cape Finisterre.
1824 U.S. Schooner Porpoise captures four pirate ships off Cuba.
1827 Battle of Navarino. A combined Turkish and Egyptian armada, under Ibrahim Pasha, was destroyed by an allied British, French, and Russian naval force, under Edward Codrington 

21 October

1757 Action off Cape Francois. HMS Augusta (60), Commodore. Arthur Forrest, HMS Edinburgh (64) and HMS Dreadnought (60), Cptn. Maurice Suckling, intercept, off Cape Francois, a French convoy bound for Europe with an escort, under de Kersaint, of Intrepide (74), Sceptre (74), Opineatre (64), L'Outarde (44), Greenwich (50), Savage (30) and Unicorn (30). top
1762 George Rodney promoted Vice-Admiral.
1794 HMS Artois (38), Cptn. Sir Edmund Nagle, captured Revolutionnaire (44), Henri-Alexandre Thèvenard,  off Ushant, supported by HMS Arethusa (38), Cptn. Sir Edward Pellew, HMS Diamond (38), Cptn. Sir William Sidney Smith, and HMS Galatea (32), Cptn. Richard Goodwin Keats, .
1797 Launching of USS Constitution at the Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, Massachusetts.

Battle of Trafalgar/Death of Nelson. Nelson defeats combined Franco-Spanish fleet under Admiral Villeneuve

1806 Boats of HMS Renommee (44), Cptn. Sir Thomas Livingstone, at Colon, Majorca.
1807 16 Danish ships-of-the-line, 15 frigates and corvettes, 14 smaller vessels, together with 92 merchant ships, loaded with naval equipment, leaves Copenhagen, flying the British flag, following the capitulation to the British forces on 6 September.
1811 HMS Grouper Brig (4), James Atkins, wrecked off Guadaloupe.
22 October 1793 HMS Agamemnon (64), Cptn. Horatio Nelson, met 5 French frigates and engaged Melpomene (40) before withdrawing. top
1794 HMS Centurion (50), Cptn. Osborn, and HMS Diomede (44) engaged and driven off from blockading Mauritius by French squadron Prudente (36), Cybèle (40), Jean Bart (20) and Courier (14).
1805 Trafalgar prizes Berwick (74) and Fougueux (74) wrecked or foundered in a storm after the battle.
1813 HMS Laurestinus (22) wrecked in the West Indies
23 October 1707 Squadron, under Admiral Sir Clowdsley Shovell, HMS Association (90), Cptn. Edmund Loades (1st. captain) and Cptn. Samuel Whitaker,  HMS Eagle (70), Cptn. John Leake, HMS Romney (54), Cptn. William Coney, and HMS Firebrand fireship (8), wrecked on the Scilly Islands. top
1762 HMS Brune (32), Cptn. Tobyn, took French frigate Oiseau (26), Chevalier de Mode, off Cartagena.
1777 HMS Augusta (64) and the sloop HMS Merlin, Cdr. Samuel Reeve, took the ground, while attacking American Fort Mifflin, Delaware. Augusta accidentally caught fire and blew up and Merlin was also set on fire and abandoned.
1790 William Bligh court martialled for loss of HMS Bounty.
1804 HMS Conflict (12), Lt. Charles Cutts Ormsby, lost in engagement off Ostend.
1805 Trafalgar prizes Santisima Trinidad (136), Rayo (100), Bucentaure (80), Neptuno (80), L'Aigle (74), Redoutable (74) and San Francisco de Asis (74) wrecked or foundered in a storm after the battle.
1813 HMS Andromache (38), Capt. G. Tobin, captured French frigate Trave (44)
24 October 1744 HMS Colchester (50), Cptn. Frederick Cornwall, after striking the sands between Long Sand and Kentish Knock on 21 October. top
1779 HMS Proserpine (28) took Alemene.
1793 HMS Thames (32) engaged Uranie, Cptn. Jean-François Tartu (Killed in Action).
1796 HMS Santa Margaritta (36), Cptn. Thomas Byam Martin, captured French privateer Buonaparte (16)
1798 HMS Sirius (36), Cptn. Richard King, captured Dutch Furie (36) and Waakzamheid (26) in the Texel
1799 HMS Orpheus (32), Cptn. William Hills, captured Dutch-India company ships Zeelast (22) and Zeevraght (22) off Togolanda
1804 HMS Conflict Gun-boat (12) Lt. Charles Cutts Ormsby, went aground while engaging an enemy at night, near Newport, Isle of Wight. The crew could not get her off and abandoned her but by the time HMS Griffin came up she had been captured by the French.
1805 Trafalgar prize Indomptable (80) wrecked and Intrépide (74) blown up deliberately after the battle.
1806 Start of 3 day engagement of HMS Pitt (12), Lt. Michael Fitton, which captured French privateer Superbe (14), Cptn. Dominique Diron, off Baracoa.
1808 The Danish fortress at Christiansoe, under Cdr. Kohl, beats off an attack by a British squadron of 2 ships-of-the-line and 6 frigates.
1816 HMS Comus (22), Cptn. James John Bremer, struck a reef off St. Shotts.Newfoundland.
25 October 1747 Second Battle of Cape Finisterre. 14 British ships of the line under by Rear-Admiral Sir Edward Hawke intercepted a French convoy protected by 8 French ships of the line commanded by Admiral Desherbiers de l'Etenduère. top


1796 HMS Santa Margaritta (36), Cptn. Thomas Byam Martin, captured Vengeur (18).
1797 HMS Indefatigable (44), Sir Edward Pellew, captured privateer Hyene (24).

Boats of HMS Surprise (24), Cptn. Edward Hamilton, cut out from Porto Cavallo Hermione (32) which had been handed over to the Spanish by her mutinous crew at La Guira on 22 September 1797.

HMS Amaranthe (14) wrecked off Florida

1801 HMS Bonetta (18), Thomas New,  wrecked on a shoal east of the Jardines, Cuba. Mr Goarman, 2nd Lt. and officer of the watch, was found guilty of causing the loss by sleeping on watch and for disobeying Capt. New's orders. He was dismissed from the service for ever, lost all his pay and was imprisoned for two years in the Marshalsea.
1804 HMS Georgiana Gun-boat, Lt. Joshua Kneeshaw, grounded on a sand-bank on an ebb tide near Harfleur. She was burnt to avoid capture.
1807 Boats of HMS Herald (20), G. M. Hony, cut out French privateer Caesar (4) anchored under the fortress at Otranto
1810 HMS Calliope (10), John M'Kerlie, captured French privateer Comtesse d'Hambourg (14) off the Dogger Bank

USS United States (52), Cptn. Stephen Decatur, captures HMS Macedonian (38), Cptn. John Surman Carden, about 1,000 miles west of the Canary Islands

26 October 1781 HMS Hannibal (50) took Neckar. top
1788 HMS Bounty, Cptn. William Bligh, arrived at Matavai Bay at Tahiti.
1803 Boats of HMS Osprey (18), George Younghusband, captured French schooner La Ressource (4) off Trinidad
1807 HMS Subtle (8), Lt. William Dowers, wrecked off Bermuda

Crane Brig (4), Lt. Joseph Tindale, wrecked running on a rock to the W. of the Hoe, Plymouth.

HMS Banterer (22), Cptn. Alexander Shippard, ran aground St. Lawrence River, Quebec

27 October 1728 James Cook born top
1800 Boats of HMS Phaeton (38), Sir James Nicoll Morris,cut out San Josef (8) from Fuengirola
1803 HMS Merlin (16), Edward Pelham Brenton, and boats destroyed French privateer Sept Freres, Citizen Pollet, by driving her ashore to the west of Gravelines.
1810 HMS Orestes (16), John Richards Lapenotiere, took French privateer  Loup Garou (16), Charles Laurent Faures, some 120 miles west of Scilly
1864 Lt. William Cushing, USN, sinks Confederate ram Albemarle with a spar torpedo attached to the bow of his launch.
28 October 1798 British squadron, under James Saumarez, of HMS Caesar (80), Cptn. Rodham Home, HMS Terrible (74) Sir Richard Bickerton and HMS Melpomene (38), Cptn. Sir Charles Hamilton, engaged four French frigates under Commodore Daniel Savary. top
1801 HMS Sir Thomas Paisley (16), Lt. Wooldridge, captured Spanish privateer El Virgine Del Rosario (10) off Cape de Gat
1824 USS Wildcat lost in a gale between Cuba and Thompson's Island
1864 Steamer General Thomas and gunboat Stone River destroy Confederate batteries on Tennessee River near Decatur, Alabama. 
29 October 1704

Birth of John Byng

1799 Boats of HMS Tigre (80), Cptn. Sir William Sydney Smith, engaged off Damietta, mouth of the Nile.

Launching of Fulton I , first American steam powered warship

30 October 1706 HMS Nassau (80) wrecked of Sussex coast top
1775 Congress authorizes four vessels for the defense of the United Colonies.
31 October 1745 Squadron under Rear Admiral Isaac Townsend took great part of a large French convoy off Martinique. top
1762 HMS Panther (60), Cptn. Hyde Parker, and HMS Argo, (28) Cptn. Richard King, took Galleon Saintissima Trinidada off the Phillipines.
1780 HMS Ontario (22) sinks in Lake Ontario (found intact almost 230 years later)
1793 HMS Quebec (32) and consorts attacked Ostend and Nieuport.
1803 HMS Admiral Mitchell (12), Lt. Alexander Shippard, drove ashore a French gun-brig, and one vessel from the convoy he was escorting, under the battery at Patel.
1808 HMS Circe (32), Cptn. Hugh Pigott, captured La Palinure (16), Lt. Fourniers, off Diamond Rock, Martinique
1860 Thomas Cochrane died

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*Dates of events prior to September 1752 may be quoted differently in some countries as both the Julian and Gregorian calendars were in use by countries. Calendars were regularised when Britain passed the Calendar Act of 1751 An Act for Regulating the Commencement of the Year; and for Correcting the Calendar now in Use.

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