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01 April 1742 HMS Eltham(44), Cptn. Edward Smith, and HMS Lively(20), Cptn. Stewart, engaged three Spanish ships of 60, 40 and 30 Guns off St. Kitts.  
  1761 HMS Isis (50) took French Oriflamme (56)  
  1797 HMS Hazard(18), Alexander Ruddach, captured French brig-privateer Hardi(18) off the Skellocks, Ireland.  

Boats of HMS Mercury(28), Cptn. Henry Duncan, cut out Venetian gunboat Ledaat Rovigno.

HMS Amelia(38), Cptn. Frederick Paul Irby, destroyed batteries in Aix Roads.


02 April

1755 HEICS Protectorattacked and destroyed the fortress of Tulaji Angre top
  1781 US Frigate Alliance (36) captures 2 British privateers, Mars (26) and Minerva (10) off the French Coast  

First Battle of Copenhagen. British under Vice Ad. Nelson destroy moored Danish ships under Cptn. Johan Olfert Fischer.


HMS Apollo(36), Cptn. John William Taylor Dixon, wrecked running on shore in Mondego Bay, Portugal.

HMS Hindostan (54), Cptn. John Le Gros, caught fire off  the coast of Spain and blew up after the crew got ashore.


Boats of HMS Porcupine(22), Cptn. Sir George R. Collier, captured 12 and destroyed 4 vessels.

HMS Gleaner(12), Lt. Alexander Barclay Branch, fouled by other vessels off the mouth of the Adour in a storm and driven ashore. 

03 April 1801 Boats of HMS Trent(36), Cptn. Sir Edward Hamilton, drove ashore 2 armed escorts and captured French prize. top
  1804 HMS Swift(8), Lt. William Martin Leake (Killed in Action), captured by French privateer Esperance(10), Cptn. Escoffier.  
  1805 HMS Bacchante(22), Cptn. Charles Dashwood, captured Spanish schooner Elisabeth (10) off Havana.  
  1813 Boats of HMS San Domingo (74) and consorts captured 4 schooners, Arab (7), Lynx (6), Racer (6) and Dolphin(12),  in the mouth of the Rappahannock River.  
04 April  1655 Burning of the Tunis ships in Porto Farino by British fleet under Robert Blake top
  1759 HMS Achilles(60), Cptn. Hon. Samuel Barrington, took  French privateer Le Comte de St. Florentine (60), Cptn.  Sieur de Montay, off Cape Finisterre.  

Continental Navy frigate Columbus captures HM Tender Hawke, first American capture of British armed vessel

  1789 HMS Bounty left Tahiti for the West Indies with breadfruit.  
  1798 HMS Pallas(32), Cptn. Henry Curzon, lost anchor in a gale and drove on the rocks under Mount Batten, Plymouth.  
  1806 HMS Renommee(44), Cptn. Sir Thomas Livingstone, captured Spanish brig Vigilante, (18), Lt Don Joseph Julian, from under Fort Callartes, Cape de Gata.             
  1808 HMS Alceste(38), Cptn. Murray Maxwell, HMS Mercury(28), Cptn. James Alexander Gordon, and HMS Grasshopper(18), Thomas Searle, took 7 vessels and drove many others ashore at Rota.  

Boats of HMS Success(32), Cptn. John Ayscough, and HMS Espoir(18), Robert Mitford, took and set on fire 2 vessels at Castiglione, Calabria.

HMS CuckooBrig (4), Lt. Sam. Nisbett, wrecked on Haaks, off Texel.

  1812 Capture of a French privateer xebec Martinet (2)  by the Boats of HMS Maidstone(32), Cptn. George Burdett off Cap de Gatt.  
  1854 Sailors and Marines from sailing sloop, Plymouth, protect U.S. citizens at Shanghai  
05 April 1769

Thomas Masterman Hardy born in Portisham, Dorset.

  1772 HMS Resolution,Cdr. James Cook, and HMS Adventure,Lt. Tobias Furneaux, sailed on voyage of discovery.  
  1805 Boats of HMS Bacchante(22), Cptn. Charles Dashwood, at stormed a tower and cut out 2 schooners at Mariel, Havana.  
  1849 The Battle of Eckernførde. Danish Ship-of-the-Line Christian VIII, the frigate Gefion and the paddle steamers Hekla and Geiser, under Cdr. S. G. Paludan, attacks the German gun batteries at Eckernførde inlet. Christian VIII takes fire and blows up, while Gefion strikes to the Germans.  
06 April 1776 Continental frigates Warren(34), Commodore John Burroughs Hopkins,and Queen of France(28), Cptn. Joseph Olney, with sloop-of-war Ranger (18), Lt. Simpson, capture British privateer schooner Hibernia (10) and the following day 7 merchant vessels top
  1797 Boats of HMS Magicienne(32), Cptn. William Henry Ricketts, and HMS Regulus(44) destroyed 11 and cut out 2 merchantmen in the harbour of Cape Roxo, St. Domingo.  
  1800 Boats of HMS Leviathan(74), Cptn. Carpenter, and HMS Emerald(36), Cptn. M. Waller, captured Spanish brig Los Ingleses (14)  

Boats of HMS Pallas(32), Cptn. Lord Cochrane, cut out Tapageuse (14) one of two French brig-corvettes lying in the river Gironde leading to Bordeaux.

While awaiting the return of her boats, Pallas drove on shore two French ship-corvettes, Garonne(20) and Gloire (20), and the brig-corvette Malicieuse (16).

  1809 HMS Amethyst(36), Cptn. Michael Seymour, captured French frigate Niemen(44), Cptn. Dupotet, in the Bay of Biscay.  
  1810 HMS Sylviacutter (12), Lt. Augustus Vere Drury, destroyed armed piratical proa in Straits of Sundra.  
  1811 HMS Arrow(10) in action with chasse marées.  
  1826 Boats of HMS Alacrity(10), George James Hope Johnstone, took  3 Greek pirate vessels off the island of Psara.  
  1862 Naval Gunfire from Tyler and Lexington help save Union Troops at Battle of Shiloh    
07 April 1776 Continental brig Lexington, Cptn. John Barry, captures British sloop tender Edward off the Delaware top
  1800 HMS Leviathan(74), Cptn. Carpenter, and HMS Emerald(36), Cptn. M. Waller, captured Spanish frigates Carmen(34), Dom Fraquin Porcel, and Florentina(34), Dom Manuel Norates. 11 merchantmen were also taken.  
  1810 HMS Sylvia cutter (12), Lt. Augustus Vere Drury, captured piratical proa in Straits of Sundra.  
08 April 1681 HMS Nonsuch (42) and HMS Adventure (34), Cptn. William Booth, capture Algerine warship Golden Horse (46). top
  1709 HMS Bristol (48) captured by French squadron of Achilles(60) and Glorieux(44),  under Duguay-Trouin.  
  1740 British squadron of HMS Lennox (70), Cptn. Colvill Mayne, HMS Kent (70), Cptn. Durell, and HMS Orford (70), Cptn. Lord Augustus FitzRoy, captured Spanish Princesa (64), Don Parlo Augustino de Gera, off Cape Finisterre  
  1798 HMS Diamond(38), Cptn. Sir R. J. Strachan, and HMS Hydra(38), Cptn. Sir Francis Laforey, engaged 33 invasion barges in the Caen River.  
  1814 Seamen and marines from HMS Hogue (74), Cptn. Hon. Thomas Blayden Capel, HMS Maidstone (32), Cptn. George Burdett, HMS Endymion (50),  Cptn. Henry Hope, and HMS Borer destroyed 27 American vessels in the Connecticut River.  

09 April 

1709 British channel squadron under Lord Dursley defeated French squadron under Duguay-Trouin, taking Glorieux (44),  and re-taking HMS Bristol which sank soon afterwards. top

Horatio Nelson passes examination for lieutenant.

  1792 HMS Providence, Cptn. William Bligh, and HMS Assistant arrive at Tahiti on 2nd breadfruit voyage.  
  1799 HMS San Fiorenzo(38), Cptn. Sir H. Burrard Neale, and HMS Amelia(38), Cptn. Hon. Charles Herbert, engaged three French frigates, Cornelie, Vengeance and Semillante, off Belle Isle.  
  1804 HMS Amazon(38), Cptn. William Parker, captured a brig under fire at Sepet.  
  1805 HMS Gracieuse tender (14), Midshipman John Bernhard Smith, destroyed a Spanish armed schooner off San Domingo.  
10 April 1746 Privateer Alexander (20) Cptn Phillips, cut out & recaptured Solebay (24) from St. Martin's road. top
  1769 HMS Endeavour, Lt. James Cook, arrived at Tahiti.  
  1777 Lt. Horatio Nelson appointed to the frigate Lowestoft.  
  1794 Capture of the Saintes by British.  
  1795 British squadron under Rear Ad. Colpoys engaged three French frigate in the Channel. HMS Astraea(32), Cptn. Lord Henry Paulet, captured Gloire (36) and HMS Hannibal(74), Cptn. Markham, captured Gentille (36). Fraternite (36) escaped.  
  1799 HMS Lord Mulgrave (26) wrecked on Arklow Bank, Irish Channel.  
  1804 HMS Wilhelmina(32), Cptn. Henry Lambert, engaged french privateer Psyche(36), Cptn. Trogoff in the Indian Ocean  
11 April 1783 US Congress declares end of war with Great Britain  top
  1794 HMS Proselytefloating battery, Cptn. Walter Serocold, destroyed by fire from the French batteries at Bastia.  
  1796 HMS Ca Ira (80), Cptn. Pater, burnt by accident and blown up in St. Fiorenzo Bay.  
  1809 Cptn. Thomas Cochrane leads fireship raid on the French fleet in the Aix roads  
  1810 HMS Sylvia cutter (12), Lt. Augustus Vere Drury, sank a piratical proa in Straits of Sundra.  
  1813 Devil's Island, Corfu, and 2 prizes taken by boats of HMS Apollo(38), Cptn. Bridges W. Taylor, and HMS Cerberus(32), Cptn. Thomas Garth  
12 April 1749

HMS Apollo hospital ship, Lt. Robert Wilson, wrecked between Cudalore and Fort St. David's.


Battle of the Saintes. British fleet under Sir George Rodney defeat the French fleet under the Comte De Grasse in the West Indies.

Battle of Providien. British fleet under Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes engaged a French fleet under the Bailli de Suffren near a rocky islet called Providien, south of Trincomalee, Ceylon. 

  1798 HMS Lively(32), Cptn. James Nicoll Morris, wrecked on Rosa Point, near Cadiz.  
  1800 Boats of HMS Calypso(16), Cptn Joseph Baker, cut out Diligence (6) off Cape Tiberon.  
  1806 HMS Brave(74), Cdr. Edmund Boger, foundered off the Azores in passage from Jamaica to England.  
  1810 HMS Unicorn(32), Cptn. Alex. Robert Kerr, captured Esperance (flute).  
  1838 HMS Rapid(10), Lt. Hon. Graham Hay St. Vincent de Ros Kinnaird, wrecked off Crete.  
  1861 Civil War begins when Confederates fire on Fort Sumter, SC   
13 April  1749 HMS Pembroke(66), Cptn. Thomas Fincher, wrecked on Coldroon point, India.  top
  1753 HMS Prince George (90), burnt accidentally  
  1769 Captain Cook arrives at Tahiti  

HMS Victory(100), Cptn. Jonathan Faulknor, sailed on first commissioned voyage 

  1796 HMS Revolutionnaire (44) captured Unite (38) off Ushant.  
  1799 HMS Amaranthe (14), Francis Vesy, captured French letter of marque schooner Vengeur (6).  
  1810 4 Danish gun boats, under Lt. Skibsted, capture the British gunboat Grinder off the island of Samsoe.  
14 April 1749 HMS Namur(90), Cptn. Marshal, foundered Fort St. David's road, India. top
  1793 HMS Phaeton(38), Cptn. Sir Andrew Snape Douglas, captured French privateer General Dumourier (22) to the west of Cape Finisterre. San-Iago, a large Spanish galleon prize, also struck to Phaeton but was taken possession of by HMS Ganges (74), Cptnn Anthony James Pye Molloy.  
  1809 Start of 4 day engagement in which HMS Pompee(80), Cptn. Sir William Fahie, HMS Neptune(98), Cptn. Sir T. Williams, HMS Castor(32), Cptn. Roberts and HMS Recruit (18), Charles Napier, took French D'Hautpoult (74) off Cuba  
  1813 Melera Island, Corfu, captured by HMS Apollo(38), Cptn. Bridges W. Taylor, and HMS Cerberus(32), Cptn. Thomas Garth  
  1828 HMS Contest Gun-boat (12), Lt. Edward Plaggenborg, and HMS Acorn Sloop (18) wrecked on Halifax Station.  
  1857 HMS Raleigh  (50) wrecked near Macao  
15 April 1805 Boats of HMS Papillon, William Woolsey, captured Spanish felucca-rigged privateer Conception (1) off Jamaica. top
  1809 HMS Intrepid(64), Cptn. Hon. Warwick Lake, engaged French frigates Furieuse(flute 20), Lt. Gabriel-Etienne-Louis Le Marant-Kerdaniel,and Felicite (flute 14).  
16 April 1695 Capture of HMS Hope (70), Cptn. Henry Robinson, by French squadron under Duguay-Trouin in the Channel. top
  1767 Richard Parker, later President of the "Floating Republic" at the Nore, born.  
  1781 British squadron under Commodore George Johnstone at anchor in Porto Praya Bay, Cape de Verd Islands, attacked by French squadron under Admiral Suffren  
  1793 HMS Penelope (36 Cptn, Bartholomew Samuel Rowley, captures the French Goéland (14), Lt. Leissègues de Pennenyum, off Jérémie  

Spithead Mutiny starts

French Harmonie (44) beached and set on fire at St. Domigue to avoid capture by HMS Thunderer (74) and HMS Valiant

  1812 Capture of 9 coasting vessels by HMS Pilot(18), Cptn. John Toup Nicolas, and boats at Policastro.  
  1863 Union gunboats pass Confederate batteries at Vicksburg  
17 April 1778 Continental Sloop-of-war Ranger (18), John Paul Jones, captures British brig  top
  1780 British fleet under Admiral Sir George Rodney engaged French fleet under Admiral de Guichen off Martinique.  

Cptn. John Jervis, HMS Foudroyant (20), chased French squadron, and captured one of the largest ships, the Pegase. Jervis received a minor wound and his achievement in this action was rewarded with a knighthood.

  1796 Boats of HMS Diamond(38), Cptn. Sir W. Sidney Smith, captured Le Vengeur at Havre de Grace, Seine estuary. The French cut the cable and unable to escape Sir Sidney and the crew were taken prisoner.  
  1806 HMS Sirius(36), Cptn. Prowse, took Bergere (18), Cptn. Chaney Duolvis, at Civita Vecchia.  
  1807 HMS Sally engaged off Danzig.  
  1813 HMS Alutine captured Invincible.  
18 April 1740 HMS Lenox(70), Cptn. Covill Mayne, HMS Kent(70), Cptn. Thomas Durell, and HMS Orford(70), Cptn. Fitzroy, captured Spanish Princessa (70). top
  1742 HMS Saltash (14) wrecked off the coast of Portugal.  
19 April  1759 HMS Falcon bomb (8) wrecked in the West Indies top
  1770 Captain cook discovers East coast of Australia  
  1783 George Washington proclaims end of hostilities  
  1806 HMS Colpoys (14), Thomas Usher, and HMS Attack(14) cut out chasse-marees Vincent Gabriel and the Murie Francaise and destroyed a battery and a signal station in the river Douillan coast of Brittany.  
  1861 President Lincoln orders blockade of Southern ports from South Carolina to Texas   
20 April 1657 British fleet under Robert Blake totally destroyed a Spanish silver fleet of 16 ships at Santa Cruz Bay, Tenerife. top
  1781 HMS Resource(28), Cptn. Bartholomew Rowley, took Licorne, former Unicorn, (28) off Cape Blaize.  

US Congress authorizes completion of 3 frigates.

HMS Indefatigable (44), Sir Edward Pellew, captured French frigate Virginie(40), Cptn. Jacques Bergeret, off the Lizard

HMS Inconstant (36) captured Unite (36) in the Mediterranean. The Unite was taken into the Royal Navy as HMS Surprise made famous by the Patrick O'Brian series about Jack Aubrey.

  1805 HMS Renard(18), Cdr. Jeremiah Coghlan, engaged privateer General Ernouf (16), Paul Gerard Pointe, which caught fire and blew up in the West Indies  

HMS Widgeon (8), Lt. George Elliot (2), driven ashore on the Scottish coast and wrecked.

  1809 HMS Alemene (32), W. Henry Tremlett, wrecked on a shoal at the mouth of the Loire.  
  1810 Boats of HMS Firm (12), Lt. John Little, HMS Surly (10), Lt. Richard Welch, and HMS Sharpshooter (14), Lt. John Goldie, cut out privateer Alcide (4) from the mouth of the Piron where she had run ashore.  
  1814 HMS Orpheus(36), Cptn. Hugh Pigot, and HMS Shelburne (12), Lt. David Hope, captured USS sloop Frolic (22), Joseph Bainbridge, off Matanzas Point, Cuba  
  1861 Norfolk Navy Yard abandoned and burned by Union forces.   
21 April 1770 HMS Endeavour, Lt. James Cook, arrived Point Hicks, Australia. top
  1798 HMS Mars(74), Cptn. Alexander Hood, captured French Hercule (74)  
  1800 HMS Lark (16), Lt. Hugh Cook, engaged a French privateer.  
  1806 HMS Tremendous (74) and HMS Hindostan (50) engaged Canonniere (50)  
  1822 HMS Confiance Sloop (18), Wm.Thomas Morgan, wrecked between Moyin Head and Three Castle Head, Crookhaven.  
  1861 USS Saratoga (22) captures slaver Nightingale off Cabinda.  
22 April 1676

Battle of Augusta. A French fleet of 29 men-of-war, 5 frigates and 8 fireships under Abraham Duquesne engaged 17 Dutch and 10 Spanish ships plus 5 fireships under Lieutenant-Admiral-General Michiel de Ruyter. The battle was a short but intense affair and ended abruptly when Duquesne, after hearing that De Ruyter had been mortally wounded, retreated. Neither side lost a ship, though there were many dead and wounded, especially among the Dutch.

  1778 Captain John Paul Jones of Ranger leads landing party raid on Whitehaven, England  
  1786 HMS Cyrus armed transport (10), A Davidson, lost at Barbados  

HMS Goree (18), Joseph Spear, engaged French brigs Pilade and Palinure in Grande Bourg Bay at Marie Galante.

HMS Bermuda Sloop (18), William Henry Byam, wrecked on Memory Rock, Little Bahama Bank.

  1854 Odessa reconnoitred by HMS Samson paddle steamer (6), Cptn. Lewis Tobias Jones, and HMS Terrible paddle steamer (19), Cptn. James Johnstone McCleverty.  
  1813 HMS Weazle (18), Cdr. James Black, destroyed 14 French vessels at Bossolina (or Boscaline) Bay  
23 April 1598 Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp born top
  1697 George Anson born  
  1782 HMS Queen (98), Cptn. Maitland, took Actionnaire (64 flute)  
  1794 HMS Arethusa (38), Cptn. Sir Edward Pellew, and HMS Flora (36), Cptn. Sir John B. Warren, captured French Pomone (44) and Babet (22) off Guernsey. The rest of the squadron, HMS Melampus (36), HMS Nymphe (36),and HMS Concorde (36), Cptn. Sir Richard Strachan, captured Engageante (38) but Résolue escaped.  
  1797 HMS Magicienne (32), Cptn. William Henry Ricketts, HMS Regulus (44), and HMS Fortune (14), took a sloop (6) and four schooners and drove off an attacking force at Careasse Bay, Haiti.  
  1804 Cuthbert Collingwood promoted to Rear-Admiral.  
  1805 HMS Gallant (14). Lt. Thomas Shirley, and consorts captured eight gun-vessels off Cap Gris Nez.  
  1809 HMS Spartan (38), Cptn. Jahleel Brenton, HMS Amphion (32), Cptn. William Hoste, and HMS Mercury (28), Cptn. Henry Duncan, bombarded Pesaro, took 13 vessels and destroyed a castle.  
24 April 1753 HMS Assurance (44), Cptn. Carr Scrope, wrecked on the Needles top

John Paul Jones in Continental Navy sloop Ranger (18) captures HMS Drake (20), off Carrickfergus, Ireland.

King George visited Chatham and Sheerness.

  1797 HMS Albion (74) wrecked off Swin  
  1798 HMS Pearl (32) engaged two French frigates Vertu, Charles René Magon de Médine, and Régénérée escorting a convoy of two Spanish ships of the line back to Europe.  
  1808 HMS Grasshopper (18), Thomas Searle, and HMS Rapid (14), Lt. Henry Baugh, captured two merchantmen and two escorting gunboats and drove two gunboats ashore at Faro.  
  1813 Boats of HMS Apollo (38), Cptn. Bridges W. Taylor, captured a felucca at S. Cataldo, near Brindisi  
  1862 Battle of New Orleans; Union Navy under David Farragut runs past forts into Mississippi River  
25 April 1725 Augustus Keppel born top
  1796 HMS Agamemnon (64), Cptn. Horatio Nelson, and squadron captured French vessels at Finale.  
  1800 HMS Lark (16), J. H. Wilson, captured French privateer cutter Impregnable (14) which had run ashore on Vlie Island  
  1805 HMS Archer (14), Lt. William price, captured two gun-vessels off Cap Gris Nez.  
  1806 HMS Pallas (32), Cptn. Lord Cochrane, reconnoitred Isle of Aix.  
  1808 HMS Forward (14), Lt. Sheils, towed in boats of consorts and captured ten sail at Flodstrand.  
  1810 HMS Spartan (38), Capt. Jahleel Brenton, HMS Success (32), Cptn. John Ayscough, and HMS Espoir (18), Robert Mitford, engaged batteries and took 4 vessels at Monte Circello.  
  1811 3 Danish gunboats, under Sub Lt. Christen F. Klinck, engage at Kongshavn near Uddevalla, Sweden the British cutters The Swan and HeroThe Swan is captured.  
  1845 HMS Skylark (10), Lt. George Morris, wrecked on the Kimmeridge Ledge on the Dorset coast  
  1862 Union naval forces occupy New Orleans, LA   
26 April 1706 Relief of Barcelona by British.  top
  1797 HMS Irresistible (74), Cptn George Martin, and HMS Emerald (36), Cptn. Jacob Waller, captured Spanish frigates Elena (36) and Nimfa (36) in Conil Bay, near Cape Trafalgar. Elena ran ashore and was got off but was so damaged that she had to be destroyed.  
  1809 HMS Thrasher gun-brig engaged Flotilla near Boulogne.  
27 April 1796 HMS Niger (33), Cptn. Edward J. Foote, and boats destroyed Eaireuil. top

US Naval forces capture Derne, Tripoli

  1811 The monument to the memory of Lord Nelson, in Guildhall, opened for public inspection.  
28 April 1758 HMS Tryton (24), Cptn. Thomas Manning, and HMS Bridgewater (24), Cptn. John Stanton, run ashore burnt on  the Coromandel Coast to avoid capture by French Squadron under Comte d'Aché. top
  1789 Mutiny aboard HMAV Bounty (William Bligh) in the Pacific  
  1810 HMS Sylvia cutter (12), Lt. Augustus Vere Drury, captured Dutch gun-brig Echo (8) in Straits of Sundra  
29 April 1744 HMS Dreadnought (60), Cptn. Hon. Edward Boscawen, and HMS Grampus (14), Cptn. Gordon, captured French frigate Medea (26), Cptn. Hoquart, in the Channel top

The naval Battle of Cuddalore. Indecisive battle between a British squadron under Vice-Admiral George Pocock and French squadron under Comte d'Aché.

HMS London (6) wrecked in Senegal river

  1781 British Fleet under Samuel Hood engaged a French fleet under De Grasse off Martinique.  
  1807 Boats of HMS Richmond (14), Lt. S. S. Heming, captured Spanish privateer lugger Gaillard.  
  1808 Boats of HMS Falcon (14), Lt. John Price (act. Cdr.), destroyed 14 Danish boats in the islands of Endelau and Thuno at the northern end of the Great Belt.  
  1809 HMS Alcmene (32), Cptn. William Henry Brown Tremlett, while chasing an enemy, was wrecked on a reef of rocks near the Loire.  

Boats of HMS Leviathan (74), Cptn. Patrick Campbell, and HMS Undaunted (38) captured 5 vessels.


Start of 7 day deployment of boats of HMS Marlborough (74), Cptn. C. B. Ross, and consorts in Chesapeake Bay.

HMS Elizabeth (74) and HMS Eagle (74) captured five and destroyed two of a convoy of seven armed merchant vessels laden with oil off Goro.

  1814 USS Peacock (22) captures HMS Epervier (18)  
30 April 1796 HMS Agamemnon (64), Cptn. Horatio Nelson, and squadron captured six vessels at Oneglia. top
  1797 HMS Indefatigable (44), Sir Edward Pellew, & others captured French privateer brig La Basque (8) in the Channel  
  1815 HMS Rivoli (74) captured Melpomene off Ischia.  

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*Dates of events prior to September 1752 may be quoted differently in some countries as both the Julian and Gregorian calendars were in use by countries. Calendars were regularised when Britain passed the Calendar Act of 1751 An Act for Regulating the Commencement of the Year; and for Correcting the Calendar now in Use.

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