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The Royal Marines are the elite force of the Royal Navy. Founded in 1755, but tracing their origins as far back as 1664, the Marines are an iconic amphibious infantry force, combining military and naval skills and operations. During World War I, the Marines were key players in the amphibious landings at Gallipoli and in World War II the Marines were active in a number of theatres including the capture of Madagascar and the defence of Crete. In the post-war world, the Marines were active in the ill-fated Suez crisis. Today's Marines are highly-skilled maritime-focused commandoes who have played a pivotal role in recent conflicts in the Falklands, Afghanistan and Iraq. This book provides a complete history of the force from formation to the present day. As well as covering the campaigns fought by the Marines - from the Napoleonic Wars to the twenty-first century - the book also looks aspects of change and continuity in marine identity over the 300 years of their existence. As the first complete history of the Royal Marines, this book will be essential reading for all military and naval history enthusiasts.

A History of the Royal Navy: The Royal Marines

Author: Britt Zerbe

Title: A History of the Royal Navy: The Royal Marines

Series: A History of the Royal Navy

First Published by: I.B.Tauris


Format: HC

Date: 30 May 2015

ISBN-10: 178076765X

ISBN-13: 9781780767659




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