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Non-Fiction books which are biographies of specific officers or men, discussion of a particular officers tactics or battles, etc. during the Age of Sail.

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Author :: Heather Noel-Smith & Lorna M. Campbell
First Published by :: Boydell Press
Format :: HC
Date :: 27 September 2016
ISBN-10 :: 1783270993
ISBN-13 :: 9781783270996
This book sets out the lives of seventeen 'young gentlemen' who were midshipmen under the famous Captain Sir Edward Pellew. Together, aboard the frigate HMS Indefatigable, they fought a celebrated action in 1797 against the French ship of the line Les Droits de l'Homme. C. S. Forester, the historical novelist, placed his famous hero, Horatio Hornblower, aboard Pellew's ship as a midshipman, so this book tells, as it were, the actual stories of Hornblower's real-life shipmates. And what stories they were! From diverse backgrounds, aristocratic and humble, they bonded closely with Pellew, learned their naval leadership skills from him, and benefited from his patronage and his friendship in their subsequent, very varied careers. The group provides a fascinating snapshot of the later eighteenth-century sailing navy in microcosm. Besides tracing the men's naval lives, the book shows how they adapted to peace after 1815, presenting details of their civilian careers. The colourful lives recounted include those of the Honourable George Cadogan, son of an earl, who survived three courts martial and a duel to retire with honour as an admiral in 1813; Thomas Groube, of a Falmouth merchant family, who commanded a fleet of boats which destroyed the Dutch shipping at Batavia, capital of the Dutch East Indies, in 1806; and James Bray, of Irish Catholic descent, who was killed commanding a sloop during the American war of 1812. Hornblower's Historical Shipmates

Author :: Ronald S. Coddington
First Published by :: Johns Hopkins University Press
Place :: US
Format :: HC
Date :: 30 October 2016
ISBN-10 :: 1421421364
ISBN-13 :: 9781421421360

During the American Civil War, more than one hundred thousand men fought on ships at sea or on one of America’s great inland rivers. There were no large-scale fleet engagements, yet the navies, particularly the Union Navy, did much to define the character of the war and affect its length. The first hostile shots roared from rebel artillery at Charleston Harbor. Along the Mississippi River and other inland waterways across the South, Union gunboats were often the first to arrive in deadly enemy territory. In the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic seaboard, blockaders in blue floated within earshot of gray garrisons that guarded vital ports. And on the open seas, rebel raiders wreaked havoc on civilian shipping.

In Faces of the Civil War Navies, renowned researcher and Civil War photograph collector Ronald S. Coddington focuses his considerable skills on the Union and Confederate navies. Using identifiable cartes de visite of common sailors on both sides of the war, many of them never before published, Coddington uncovers the personal histories of each individual who looked into the eye of the primitive camera. These unique narratives are drawn from military and pension records, letters, diaries, period newspapers, and other primary sources. In addition to presenting the personal stories of seventy-seven intrepid volunteers, Coddington also focuses on the momentous naval events that ushered in an era of ironclad ships and other technical innovations.

The fourth volume in Coddington’s series on Civil War soldiers, this microhistory will appeal to anyone with an interest in the Civil War, social history, or photography. The narratives and photographs in Faces of the Civil War Navies shed new light on a lesser-known part of our American story. Taken collectively, these "snapshots" remind us that the history of war is not merely a chronicle of campaigns won and lost, it is the collective personal odysseys of thousands of individual life stories.

Faces of the Civil War Navies

Author :: Bruce A. Castleman
First Published by :: Excelsior Editions
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 12 May 2016

Explores the life and times of John Drake Sloat, the US Navy Pacific Squadron commander who occupied Moneterey and declared the annexation of California at the beginning of the war with Mexico.

Knickerbocker Commodore chronicles the life of Rear Admiral John Drake Sloat, an important but understudied naval figure in US history. Born and raised by a slave-owning gentry family in New York’s Hudson Valley, Sloat moved to New York City at age nineteen. Bruce A. Castleman explores Sloat’s forty-five-year career in the Navy, from his initial appointment as midshipman in the conflicts with revolutionary France to his service as commodore during the country’s war with Mexico. As the commodore in command of the naval forces in the Pacific, Sloat occupied Monterey and declared the annexation of California in July 1846, controversial actions criticized by some and defended by others. More than a biography of one man, this book illustrates the evolution of the peacetime Navy as an institution and its conversion from sail to steam. Using shipping news and Customs Service records from Sloat’s merchant voyages, Castleman offers a rare and insightful perspective on American maritime history.

Knickerbocker Commodore

Author :: William Clark Russell
Format :: HC
Date :: 1897

Pictures from the Life of NelsonA biographical study of the life and work of Horatio Nelson

Author :: William Clark Russell
Format :: HC
Date :: 1890

blank coverThe design of this little book is to submit the character and the more conspicuous of the features of the career of Horatio Nelson as they are described by his own pen. The slender dimensions of the volume rendered choice difficult by restriction. The Nelson literature is extraordinarily voluminous ; yet it is believed that most of the best of the plums which enrich it will be found in the following pages.

It would have been hopeless to attempt to connect the extracts into any sort of form of historic sequence. The best and most familiar of the narratives of the Battles of the Nile and of the Baltic are not Nelson's : his relations of them must be sought in dry and colourless dispatches ; yet the scheme of this little work would not admit of the inclusion of the accounts by other hands. The story, however, of the death of Nelson at Trafalgar must prove an exception. During his last hours he spoke often to those who were about him, and portions of Beatty's narrative contain so much of the hero's own words that the description could scarcely be more Nelson's had he himself dictated it.

Author :: William Clark Russell
Format :: HC
Date :: 1891

Horatio Nelson and the Naval Supremacy of EnglandA biographical study of the life and work of Horatio Nelson

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