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As U.S. editor for this unique work, Joseph Callo was responsible for all of the U.S. entries. Commander Alastair Wilson, a retired commander of the British Royal Navy was the overall editor of this compact biographical guide to naval history.

More than six hundred men and women, including two hundred-plus U.S. entries, are included in this work. Men and women who helped to shape naval warfare over the past six centuries—some famous and some virtually unknown—are described in carefully crafted mini-biographies. Covering key events from the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, when a combined Christian fleet defeated an Ottoman fleet off the coast of what is now Greece, this is an invaluable reference work for anyone interested in the people who have made naval history. This is a unique and fascinating view of naval history, and the entries are carefully indexed and cross-referenced.

Who's Who in Naval History: From 1550 to the present

Author: Alastair Wilson and Joseph F. Callo

Title: Who's Who in Naval History: From 1550 to the present


First published by: Routledge


Format: HC

Date: 22 July 2004

ISBN-10: 0415308283

ISBN-13: 9780415308281




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