Britannia's ReachBritannia's Reach by Antoine Vanner is the second book in this new series set during the early years of the Royal Navy's conversion to a steam powered iron fleet. Dawlish is again seconded, this time to a private corporation in South America.

There were several wars involving early steam vessels on the vast rivers of South America and the plot of this book enables the author to explore that area of naval warfare. Dawlish is given leave so he can head up the naval forces of the 'consortium' which has lost control of it's productive land to an uprising.

Cooperation with the mercenaries of the land forces and the civilian leaders of the expedition do not go well at first and Dawlish is blamed for some early failures, however the power of the naval forces under his command are the only way of achieving a breakthrough and his plans are eventually accepted.

Once again this is a well written novel with a good plot that flowed smoothly holding my attention well. Although it is not set in the Age of Sail I enjoy Dawlish's adventures and look forward to reading more. Recommended.

Description of: Britannia's Reach

Author: Antoine Vanner



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