HMS WaspHMS Wasp by Peter J. Holloway follows Ted Harris and his period of National Service aboard a small sloop in the Caribbean. He works in the electrical department where he is mentored by a Chief Petty Officer he comes to admire. As you might expect of a young man experiencing life abroad for the first time he also has some interesting experiences during his periods of shore leave.

The book is set shortly after the end of the Korean War and just before the Navy begins to contract as the far flung parts of Empire gain their independence and it therefore reflects what might be described as the end of an era.

This is a time of peace and 'showing the flag' visits so don't expect any action but it is a well written novel with believable characters that held my attention well. It gave a good insight into the life of an ordinary seaman and National Serviceman and how they were matured by the process.

I enjoyed reading HMS Wasp and the book is recommended reading.

Description of: HMS Wasp

Author: Peter J. Holloway

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