The Cruise of the Commissioner Captain James St John Stanier, formerly Porth Ardur's ambitious Harbour Master, has now been promoted to Commissioner of Celtic Lighthouses. And from this elevated position he is determined to get one over on Septimus Macready, captain of the lighthouse tender, Caryatid. So when Macready's ship literally steam-roller's Bishop Island's bakery, Stanier sees a heaven-sent opportunity to put his rival down publicly.

Battle lines are drawn. Stanier is eager for power and influence -- and the prospect of open-cast mining in the area holds considerable appeal. Macready stands for the traditional maritime community who cannot afford to see the Caryatid -- and their livelihoods -- scrapped. As tension builds and old loyalties are put to the test, Stanier exerts his authority over Macready once more, forcing him to put to sea in a dangerous storm.

This novel has a prequel Captain of the Caryatid

Author: Richard Woodman

Title: The Cruise of the Commissioner

Series: n/a

First Published by: Severn House Publishers Ltd


Format: HC

Date: November 1998

ISBN-10: 072782239X

ISBN-13: 9780727822390


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