Wave CryOn March 18th 1998 an item in the Daily Telegraph read Hollywood is finding it hard to accept that there can be no sequel to 'Titanic'... 'Wave Cry' is Alexander Fullerton's solution to that problem. An Irish family - Eileen and Frank Maguire and their 3-year-old son Tom - emigrants travelling steerage-class from Queenstown to New York - are woken by the jolt of the collision; Eileen survives but in scenes of terrifying confusion her husband and child do not. Then in the rescue ship Carpathia - by this time wishing she had drowned, and not entirely sane - she sees Bruce Joseph Ismay, managing director of the White Star Line, alive and well.

What right does he have to live?

Eileen sets out to kill him. The story is set in New York, London (where she's involved in a separate killing and from there on has the police on her trail) and in the west of Ireland, climaxing in a place called Costelloe, on Cashla Bay in Co. Galway.

Author: Alexander Fullerton

Title: Wave Cry


First Published by:  Little, Brown


Format: HC

Date: 1999

ISBN-10: 0316852139

ISBN-13: 9780316852135


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