A Sunken Treasure
Deep in international waters off South Carolina rests a 400 year-old Spanish galleon laden with treasure worth a quarter of a billion dollars. Now, by using the high-teach Mohab One System, the treasure can be recovered.

A Hidden Agenda
A wealthy Cuban-American syndicate hires salvage expert Al Maderia to reclaim the treasure in the name of history. But nothing is what it seems. The Cuban government, fearing the syndicate intends to use the treasure to fund Cuban dissidents, will do anything to stop Maderia - and to get the treasure for itself.

The Wreck of Misericordia

Author: William S. Schaill

Title: The Wreck of Misericordia


First Published by: Leisure Books


Format: Paperback

Date: August 1999

ISBN-10: 0843945443

ISBN-13: 9780843945447



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