Under a Tell-Tale Sky

The lights are out and the world is in flames, and Captain Jordan Hughes has a big fat target on his back.

Going home during the Apocalypse is tough; it’s tougher when your ‘ride’ weighs forty thousand tons, is almost as long as a football field, and holds precious cargo everyone on earth would kill for.

Sitting in port far from home with the grid down for the count, Hughes is faced with near mutiny as violence worsens ashore and the world crumbles around the secure little world of his ship, the Pecos Trader.

‘Wait and see,’ is not an option. Hughes has to get his ship and crew home, but FEMA arrives with other plans.

Resisting the demands of an increasingly corrupt and self-serving federal government, Hughes leads a ragtag band of sailors, farmers, preppers, ex-Coast Guardsmen, and dissident soldiers on an incredible voyage to reunite them all with home and family -- only to find their real journey is just beginning.

  • Author: R. E. McDermott
  • Title: Under a Tell-Tale Sky
  • Series: The Disruption Series
  • First Published by: R. E. McDermott
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 19 September 2015

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