For Treasure Bound

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Young Harry Collingwood, the same as the pseudonym of the author, does all he can to rescue the sailors who clutch the remains of the beleaguered craft being dashed to pieces by the storm.

One man is rescued -- and Harry and his friends have the others within reach . . . when a torrential rush of water off the ocean snaps the ship in two, washing away the rest of the crew! And soon even the lone sailor rescued from the waves lies on his deathbed.

"Poor as I am," he says to the young man who saved him, "it is in my power to make you rich -- aye, beyond the utmost scope of your imagination! And I will! Why should I take this secret to the grave with me?"

Harry and boyhood friend Bob Trunnion soon embark on a quest -- and learn that even the clearest of treasure-maps cannot show all the hazards and complications . . . awaiting even the hardiest and most brave of treasure-seekers!

  • Author: Harry Collingwood
  • Title: For Treasure Bound
  • First Published by: Griffith Farran Browne & Co.
  • First Published Date: 1897

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