It was on a wet, dreary, dismal afternoon, toward the end of October 18--, that Charles Conyers, R.N., aged 27, found himself en route to Gravesend, to join the clipper ship City of Cawnpore, in the capacity of cuddy passenger, bound for Calcutta. After wounds received while hunting slavers off the coast West Africa, Conyers had convalesced in England. His prescription from his doctor for a full recovery -- the salty air of the ocean. Little did he know what perils awaited him on this voyage, though. Horrendous weather. A harrowing shipwreck, dastardly criminals, and a treasure beyond compare. And then of course there was the beautiful Miss Onslow . . . Hear the snap of the mizzensail and taste the briny air of adventure in this magnificent epic of the sea by a master of the sea story.

The Castaways

Author: Harry Collingwood

Title: The Castaways

Series: n/a

First Published by: Griffith Farran Browne & Co.



Date: 1899




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