In the Dark of the Moon

England, the 1800s.

Matthew Milburn is robbed of his Westmorland hill farm by the scheming of local landowner Lady Sarah Sharpe and her crony Sir Jonathan Bright. With nothing left in the world, he is left with no choice but to forge a new life as a sailor in Nelson's Navy. A brutal life at sea in the midst of a terrible war awaits him.

Leaving his childhood sweetheart behind, Matthew sets sail on his own, cutting all ties with his former life. But after being left for dead by the crew on his first voyage, Matthew decides to forge his own path, navigating his way through a world of plunder and pirates.

His new life brings him passion and prestige in the steamy heat of Savannah and his growing merchant fleet brings him a chance for revenge on his old enemies. When he finally returns to the land he left behind, will Matthew manage to reclaim his rights to the farm - and the woman he once loved? Or will he be cast once more upon the stormy seas?

Author: Christopher Kenworthy

Title: In the Dark of the Moon

Series: The Dark Quartet

First Published by: Robert Hale Ltd

Place: UK

Format: HC 

Date: 2 July 1981

ISBN-10: 0709192002

ISBN-13: 9780709192008


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