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Ride a Dark Tide

Ride the Dark Tide

The year is 1812. Great Britain and the fledgling United States of America are trembling on the brink of war.

Britain, still smarting over the lost revolutionary war thirty years earlier and still locked in mortal combat with Napoleonic France, depends for her life on the mastery of the seas. Matthew Milburn, a hardened sailor, takes his son, Bartholomew aboard his American trading schooner but before he knows it, Bart is snatched from under his eyes and forced to enlist with the Royal Navy.

When war actually breaks out, father and son find themselves on opposite sides, a family divided by fate and fortune. Determined on vengeance against the country which has persecuted him, Matthew rages down the coast of Ireland, a privateer and close to piracy.

But he has to fight his way through half a dozen battles at sea and across the wild countryside of Ireland before he can find his home again.

Author: Christopher Kenworthy

Title: Ride the Dark Tide

Series: The Dark Quartet

First Published by: Robert Hale Ltd

Place: UK

Format: HC 

Date: 1 July 1982

ISBN-10: 0709198175

ISBN-13: 9780709198178


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