A holiday yachting cruise in the Channel, under the command of their sporting schoolmaster, might well have provided plenty of interest for the four boys who accepted Mr Morgan's invitation to sail with him in the Marie, but something quite foreign to the programme transformed the cruise into a strange adventure indeed. As the result of a war wound, Mr Morgan began to be the victim of illusions, believing himself, sometimes, to be living in the days of Morgan the pirate!

No mere coasting cruise would satisfy his restless spirit, and the bewildered schoolboys find themselves committed to a voyage which at length brings them to a West Indian island. Their adventures are many and various; they have to cope with problems produced by the condition of mind of their leader, and the story shows how they tackle the whole strange situation, surviving dangerous adventures and generally making the best of things. At length help turns up, and, leaving Mr Morgan recovering and in good hands, the boys are free to return home. The whole tale is full of incident afloat and ashore, and the complications resulting from the delusions of the leader give it a most unusual quality.

Missing, Believed Lost

Author: Percy F. Westerman

Title: Missing, Believed Lost


First Published by: Blackie and Son Ltd.

Place: London & Glasgow

Format: HC

Date: 1949




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