John Cloche, his many war-time sea adventures behind him, is at rather a loose end when he has the chance of making one of a party which, onboard a former trawler, set out to try their luck at sponge-getting. The company of the Dream of Devon is a mixed one, but every man has had wide experience, and under Jimmy Ellicot, owner of the craft, they pull well together.

It is well they do so, for they encounter emergencies which call for mutual trust and combined effort. The sponge venture proves by no means what they hoped, but the voyage lands them in a string of exciting incidents which are by no means without reward.  There are other things around the islands – the Keys – besides sponge-beds; one of the Keys has its mystery. How they solve it, and what turns out to be, and how, in the end, the solution involves a stroke of luck for all, is told in the thrilling closing chapters which have the most satisfactory climax.

The Mystery of the Key

Author: Percy F. Westerman

Title: The Mystery of the Key

Series: John Cloche

First Published by: Blackie and Son Ltd.

Place: London & Glasgow

Format: HC

Date: 1948




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