GalleonCromwell is dead! - Now King Charles II has been restored to the throne of faraway England. And in Jamaica, Ned Yorke, the leader of the Buccaneers, and his second-in-command, Sir Thomas Whetstone, can begin building fine new houses on their plantations.

But fresh trouble soon brews in their Caribbean paradise, for the new Governor sent out from England views Ned's Brethren of the Coast as a gang bloodthirsty pirates. And he promptly puts them outside the law.

The Governor ignores Ned's warning that peace in Europe has not changed Spain's aggressive policies in the West Indies - the Spanish king regards the islands as his private estate, and any foreign trespassers risk death.

Ned and Sir Thomas refuse to remain idle while the self-satisfied Governor weakens their defences and wrecks the currency. They are soon off on a dangerous but profitable skirmish along the Spanish Main...

Author: Dudley Pope

Title: Galleon

Series: Ned Yorke

First Published by: Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 7 April 1986

ISBN-10: 0436377470

ISBN-13: 9780436377471


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