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Go in and Sink!

His Majesty's U-Boat1943: Europe is wracked by the fiercest fighting of the Second World War. Lieutenant-Commander Steven Marshall brings his submarine, sole survivor of a flotilla decimated in Mediterranean waters, back to Britain. There he assumes command of a captured German U-boat and returns to the Mediterranean, to pose as a German ship and crew. The Royal Navy is unaware of the spy ship's true identity and suspense builds to unbearable levels as Commander Marshall threads his way among potential destroyers on both sides, to annihilate enemy installations and to sabotage an Italian factory at work on secret weapons threatening the Allied invasion.

Author: Douglas Reeman

Title: His Majesty's U-Boat


First Published by: Putnam Pub Group


Format: HC

Date: January 1973

ISBN-10: 0399111956

ISBN-13: 9780399111952


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