HMS Audax

Merciless, the British convoy was attacked as it approached the port of Liverpool. A sneak torpedo attack came from a submerged German U-Boat from the direction of the Irish Sea. The Port Arthur carrying flour and rice, took the full force of the attack and literally exploded over the surrounding sea. Her nearest companions in the next line of ships were coated in flour, and took numerous wounds from the metal debris scattered about the killing zone. Two men died and two others received injuries from the hundreds of small pieces of shrapnel from the shattered freighter. When the air cleared the ship was gone, completely. Of the thirteen man crew, none survived. By the time the nearest escort reached the area the attacker was well clear.

Author: David O'Neil

Title: HMS Audax


First Published by: W & B Publisher


Format: Kindle

Date: 2 September 2016



  • Author: David O'Neil
  • Title: HMS Audax
  • First Published by: W & B Publisher
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 2 September 2016

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