HMS Marlborough Will Enter HarbourWWII: A collection of World War II stories by Nicholas Monsarrat.


  • H.M.S Marlborough Will Enter Harbour - An old sloop, homeward bound, is torpedoed, leaving her guns out of action, more than three-quarters of her crew dead, and radio contact impossible. But her valiant captain steadfastly refuses to surrender his ship...
  • Leave Cancelled - An army officer and his young wife concentrate their passionate love into twenty-four hours, knowing that it might be their last chance...
  • Heavy Rescue - An old soldier, having lived on the scrap heap for more than twenty years, finds that gallantry is once again in demand when he becomes leader of a Heavy Rescue Squad

Author: Nicholas Monsarrat

Title: HMS Marlborough Will Enter Harbour


First Published by: Cassell & Company Limited


Format: HC

Date: 1951




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