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Gold from CreteWWII: A collection of World War II stories by C. S. Forester.


  • Gold from Crete
  • Dawn Attack
  • Depth Charge
  • Night Stalk
  • Intelligence
  • Eagle Squadron
  • An Egg for the Major
  • "You are Welcome"
  • The Dumb Dutchman
  • If Hitler had Invaded England


Nine short stories:

Capture on the high seas by defeated and unrepentant renegades of the Axis power, bent on revenge, etc. Stories set in the Red Sea, the Solomon Islands, the Caribbean, Antarctica.

Heroes of the Sea

HMS Marlborough Will Enter HarbourWWII: A collection of World War II stories by Nicholas Monsarrat.


  • H.M.S Marlborough Will Enter Harbour - An old sloop, homeward bound, is torpedoed, leaving her guns out of action, more than three-quarters of her crew dead, and radio contact impossible. But her valiant captain steadfastly refuses to surrender his ship...
  • Leave Cancelled - An army officer and his young wife concentrate their passionate love into twenty-four hours, knowing that it might be their last chance...
  • Heavy Rescue - An old soldier, having lived on the scrap heap for more than twenty years, finds that gallantry is once again in demand when he becomes leader of a Heavy Rescue Squad

The Man in the Yellow RaftWWII: A collection of eight stories about the American destroyer Boon and the men who served on her during WW II. The stories have a point: they remind us that courage and clear-thinking in the midst of great danger go hand in hand and are the keys to survival. Not only is cowardice disgraceful, it is frequently lethal..


  • The Man in the Yellow Raft
  • Triumph of the Boon
  • The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck
  • Dr. Blanke's First Command
  • Counterpunch
  • USS Cornucopia
  • December 6th; Rendezvous



  • The Bell of San Pietro - Relating The Exciting Christmas Adventures of Two Young Naval Officers
  • Turton's Luck - A Story Relating How A British Submarine Ran Aground on The German Coast, And How It Escaped Capture
  • Dacres' Prize - A Splendid Story of a North Sea Scrap
  • Overboard! - An Adventure in the Persian Gulf
  • The Perforated Helmet -An Exciting Story of the War
  • The Disappearing Dhow -A Naval Adventure in the Indian Ocean
  • When Tank meets Tank -A Thrilling Tale about the Dreadnoughts of the Battefield
  • The Christmas Prize -A Yuletide Adventure at sea
  • The Secret Channel -A Great Story of Modern Naval Warfare.Telling How a Young Britisher, in a Daring Motor-Boat Expedition, Deals Destruction to the Enemy's Fleet
  • Hard Knocks
  • The Comrade of the Seas
  • An Hour too Soon
  • Strafed ! -A Tale of a Submarine's End
  • The Sub's Hymn of Hate -A Tale of Submarine Adventure in the North Sea
  • The Ghosts of Tinderwood Hall -A Christmas Eve Adventure
The Secret Channel and Other Stories of the Great War

The Ship That Died of ShameA collection of World War II stories by Nicholas Monsarrat.


A collection of 11 short stories rangeing from South Africa to England to Canada.

  • The Ship That Died of Shame - A small gunboat with a distinguished WW II record; the shame is that it is being used as a smuggler.
  • Oh To Be In England
  • The Reconciliation
  • The List
  • The Thousand Islands Snatch
  • Up the Garden Path
  • The Man Who Wanted a Mark IX
  • I Was There
  • The Dinner Party
  • Licensed to Kill
  • Postscript

Three CorvettesWWII: A collection of World War II stories by Nicholas Monsarrat.


  • H.M. Corvette (Flower class in the North Atlantic)
  • East Coast Corvette (as First Lieutenant )
  • Corvette Command (as Commanding Officer)

Based on three true-experiences of the author during the war years.

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