Barca — a mere snag on the North African coastline. But for veteran U-boatman Baldur Wolz, alias Sea Wolf, the tiny British submarine base was to become synonymous with all the horror, sweating suspense and grueling tension of undersea combat.

Wolz had been hand-picked to pioneer the Hecht, the latest addition to the Kriegsmarine's deadly underwater weaponry. But, as he guided his lethal steel shark in for the kill, he had no inkling of the devastating trap that had been laid for him—a trap whose savage jaws were about to snap shut...

SHARK RAID is the sixth in the gripping series of novels about the U-boat war waged with grim ferocity in the bitter depths of the world's oceans.


Shark Raid

Author: Bruno Krauss

Title: Shark Raid

Series: Seawolf series

First Published by: Sphere Books


Format: PB

Date: 1982





  • Author: Bruno Krauss
  • Title: Shark Africa
  • Series: Seawolf series
  • First Published by: Sphere Books
  • First Published Format: PB
  • First Published Date: 1982

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