Refitted and rushed back into battle, half her crew raw recruits, U-451 is on the prowl again. Captain Baldur Wolz — the grizzled veteran they call Sea Wolf — will need all his commander's skills to keep his ship on her course of slaughter. And he must save his killing machine's deadliest weapons for the biggest targets: American tankers risking the Atlantic crossing to beleaguered Britain. But the pressure begins to rise inside the U-boat's steel shell. Wolz and his crew have been lucky too long — now they're living on borrowed time ...

SHARK TRAP is the eighth in the gripping series of novels about the U-boat war waged with grim ferocity in the bitter depths of the world's oceans.


Shark Trap

Author: Bruno Krauss

Title: Shark Trap

Series: Seawolf series

First Published by: Sphere Books


Format: PB

Date: 1982





  • Author: Bruno Krauss
  • Title: Shark Trap
  • Series: Seawolf series
  • First Published by: Sphere Books
  • First Published Format: PB
  • First Published Date: 1982

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