(This book has been withdrawn and substantially re-written. The Harry Heron series has new versions with new titles and you are recommended to purchase that version)


Take three young men from a ship-of-the-line in 1804, thrust them four hundred years into the future, give them some high-tech implants and a dash of illegal gene splicing, and you have a trio with a different approach than that of their new friends and companions. Harry, Ferghal, and Danny face the uncharted waters of the bitter conflict between the organizations known as the Consortium and the Confederation; these sailors are now without a known star to steer by.

Harry Nelson-Heron is, in appearance, an ordinary young man with some special talents. Other than his friend Ferghal O'Connor, Harry may be the only man who can stop the Consortium's plan to ruin the democratic Confederation's economy and impose their own oligarchy. In any century, a patronizing bully of a superior can make any man's life miserable, and for Harry, things haven't changed in four hundred years. Fortunately, Ferghal has crafted a better relationship with his superior, who encourages him to use his "antique" skills for recreation. These same skills will ultimately play an important part in the events to come, thanks in no small part to the incompetence of one individual in particular.

In parallel the story introduces Harry's descendent as he takes command of a new starship under construction and works her up through to full commission. The future commander must wrestle with bureaucrats and contractors to ensure his ship is completed to specification.

It's a desperate race for survival on an alien world for Sub-lieutenant Heron and his men. When they find shelter with a strange alien people and their even stranger Provider, things start to take a hopeful turn. Do they dare let their guards down?

On the Run

Author: Patrick G. Cox

Title: On the Run

Series: Harry Heron Adventures

First Published by: 


Format: HC

Date: 23 November 2011

ISBN-10: 1458201007

ISBN-13: 9781458201003


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