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Bolitho series

The Bolitho series features 2 principal characters, Richard Bolitho and his Nephew Adam

Richard BolithoRichard Bolitho was born in 1756 in Falmouth, Cornwall, the second son of a prestigious naval family. He joined the navy in 1768 and was known for his tactical ingenuity, daring, and disregard of both convention and political expediency. He rose to high rank—despite the opposition of less competent men—because of his ability to win crucial victories against seemingly impossible odds. Among the men of the fleet, Bolitho was known as a demanding but scrupulously fair and humane captain and was known as, though never to his face, as "Equality Dick." His reputation for decency in a brutal world created a fierce sense of loyalty among those who had served under him.

His most lasting relationships were with Thomas Herrick—a fellow officer and his oldest friend—and John Allday, a former Cornish shepherd who became Bolitho's coxswain and de facto bodyguard.

Career : Joined the Royal Navy 1768. Midshipman Manxman,  Midshipman Gorgon, Midshipman Avenger, Lieutenant Destiny, Lieutenant Trojan, Commander Sparrow, Captain Phalarope, Captain Undine, Captain Tempest, Captain Nore cutter squadron, Captain Hyperion, Flag Captain Euryalus, Commodore Mediterranean, Rear-Admiral Baltic, Vice-Admiral West Indies, Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Africa, Copenhagen, Admiral America, Canada, Mediterranean

Adam Bolitho, the only son of Richard's disgraced older brother Hugh, was born in 1780 in Penzance, Cornwall, shortly after his father joined the revolution in America. Having been sent to Richard at the age of 14 by his dying mother. Christened as Adam Pascoe, he changes his name to Adam Bolitho when he becomes Richard's heir. Spending much of his early career as one of Thomas Herrick's officers, he rises through the ranks to establish himself as a daring and resourceful frigate captain, as his uncle had once done.

Career Adam Bolitho: Midshipman Hyperion, Midshipman Impulsive, Lieutenant Lysander, Lieutenant Benbow, Lieutenant Phalarope, Flag Lieutenant Achates, Commander Firefly, Captain Anemone, Flag Captain Valkyrie, Captain Unrivalled, Flag Captain Athena, Captain Onward

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