Alexander Fullerton

Alexander Fullerton (1924-2008) was a cadet at Dartmouth at the age of thirteen and went to sea serving first in the battleship Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean. During WWII he served in submarines, retiring from the navy in 1949. His novels are mainly set during WWII and the first, Surface!, sold over 500,000 copies. He then worked on the 9-volume Nicholas Everard series that made his reputation.

One of his many novels was set during the age of sail.


Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1591  The Thunder and the Flame Novel based on the true story of Sir Richard Grenville's Revenge battling 53 Spanish ships

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: The Everard Naval Series
Year  Book  Comment
1916 The Blooding of the Guns Young Nicholas Everard is a sub-lieutenant serving on a British destroyer at the Battle of Jutland
1918 Sixty Minutes for St. George Everard takes part in a raid on Zeebrugge
1918 Patrol to the Golden Horn The menacing bulk of the German battle cruiser Goeben lurks in the Golden Horn at Constantinople
1940 Storm Force to Narvik Richard Everard is in command of the destroyer Intent off the coast of Norway
1941 Last Lift from Crete Nick Everard commands the destroyer Tuareg and is faced with what looks like an insoluble problem
1942 All The Drowning Seas Nick Everard, commanding the cruiser Defiant, is badly wounded and his ship heavily damaged
1942 A Share of Honour Sub-lieutenant Paul Everard serves aboard the submarine Ultra in the Mediterranean
1942 The Torch Bearers Captain Sir Nicholas Everard has a convoy to escort
1943 The Gatecrashers Paul Everard takes a mini-submarine in past steel nets and detection gear to sink the Tirpitz
Omnibus editions
WWI Nicholas Everard:
Mariner of England v.1
The Blooding of the Guns, Sixty Minutes for St.George, Patrol to the Golden Horn
WWII Nicholas Everard:
Mariner of England v.2
Storm Force to Narvik, Last Lift from Crete, All the Drowning Seas
WWII Nicholas Everard:
Mariner of England v.3
A Share of Honour, The Torch Bearers, The Gatecrashers


Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1904 The Floating Madhouse Tsar Nicholas II sends his Baltic fleet halfway around the world to reinforce his few remaining ships in the Far East.
WWI Stark Realities U81 is 'holed' by a destroyer and sent to the bottom of forty fathoms of English sea.
1918 Bloody Sunset Count Nikolai Solovyev pleads with Lt Bob Cowan for help in rescuing five females
1919 Look to the Wolves While serving in Sebastopol, Lt Cdr Bob Cowan is sent to rescue two Red Cross nurses
1942 Love for An Enemy A naval adventure, and a love story of divided wartime loyalties
1943 Band of Brothers The German U-boat supply ship, Heilbronne, is sailing heavily escorted from Le Havre to the Atlantic
WWII Surface! HMS Seahound has crept through a minefield in Asian waters to land soldiers in enemy territory
WWII No Man's Mistress Two former midshipmen of the cruiser HMS Pelorus in the Mediterranean in 1941 remember their story
WWII The Waiting Game It was madness to send a wartime submarine to the Arctic in summer
WWII A Wren Called Smith A Norwegian freighter bound for England from the Phillipines
WWII Not Thinking of Death Following a British submarine crew as they take their first dive in the open sea
WWII Submariner HM Submarine Ursa succeeds, on her 17th Mediterranean cruise, in sinking a German tank-transporter.
  Final Dive This submarine and shipwreck adventure culminates in a thrilling Atlantic dive

Modern Era Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Wave Cry The story of what happened to Eileen Maguire after the Titanic sinks
WWII Westbound, Warbound Andy Holt's vessel bound to Montevideo, a neutral port, wary of the Graf Spee.
WWII Non-Combatants Andy Holt has signed on as 2nd mate in the SS Barranquilla, sailing for Nuevitas in Cuba

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