Christopher Nicole

Christopher Robin Nicole (1930-2017) was a prolific British writer of over 200 novels and non-fiction books since 1957. He has also written under several pseudonyms

He was born in Georgetown, in British Guiana (now Guyana) and studied at Queen's College in Guyana and at Harrison College in Barbados. He was a fellow at the Canadian Bankers Association and a clerk for the Royal Bank of Canada in Georgetown and Nassau from 1947 to 1956. In 1957, he moved to Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom, where he currently lives, but he also has a domicile in Spain.

Series: The McGann series (continues in Modern Era)
Year  Book  Comment
  Old Glory Harry finds himself involved in the formation of the American Navy
  The Sea and the Sand A new threat to American interests stalks the seas. Barbary pirates
1858 Iron Ships, Iron Men On opposing sides of the American Civil War two men embark on journeys around the globe

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: The McGann series
Year  Book  Comment
  Wind of Destiny During the War of Cuban Independence
1915 Raging Sea, Searing Sky Spanning the tumultuous years of the Great War to the onset of World War II
WWII The Passion and the Glory When Japan drops bombs on Pearl Harbour, America enters the Second World War.
Series: The Dawson Saga
Year  Book  Comment
  Days of Wine and Roses Japan was at war with Russia in 1905 and there the seeds of friendship were being sown
  Resumption Jack Dawson is serving on board one of the British gunboats patrolling the Yangste-Kiang
  The Last Battle Japan attacks Pearl Harbour, the Philippines and Malaya.

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