Christopher Kenworthy was born in Liverpool, Lancashire in 1937 and was brought up on a hill farm in the Lake District which gave him a lifelong preference for silent mountains and limpid lakes. He briefly studies law at King's College, London University, where he found myself in charge of the college newspaper, King's News. This resulted in him leaving university to enter the world of national newspapers, and he spent a quarter of a century on the Daily Express, the London Evening Standard, TV Times, The Sun, and the Sunday Mirror. In those years, he was a reporter, a gossip columnist, a political leader writer, a television correspondent, a cinema critic, and a publishing correspondent and a book reviewer.

In 1985 he left the newspaper world to become a freelance television correspondent, mainly for magazines and has contributed to the Daily Telegraph, Radio Times, What's On TV, etc. As a result of my article in the Daily Telegraph on the life and work of one Police Wildlife Liaison Officer that he was approached to research for the BBC television drama series Badger, and wrote the companion book to the series.

Amongst his other works are naval and nautical fiction series although the books are relatively short at between 100 and 200 pages.

Series: A John Paul Jones Adventure
Year  Book  Comment
1775 In Harm's Way John Paul Jones devotes himself to the birth of the American navy
1776 Commander of the Seas

Jones proves his ability with a series of daring raids

1777 Engage the Enemy

Jones must journey to France to fight on the side of the revolutionaries

1779 Broadsides

Jones and the Bonhomme Richard challenge HMS Serapis


AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: The Dark Quartet
Year  Book  Comment
  In the Dark of the Moon Matthew Milburn is robbed of his Westmorland hill farm. With nothing left a brutal life at sea in the midst of a terrible war awaits him.
1812 Ride the Dark Tide aka
Ride a Dark Tide
When war actually breaks out, father and son find themselves on opposite sides
1815 Storm in the Dark Milburn pursues an old enemy through the Mississippi bayous
  Against a Dark Shore A chance remark at a Governor's reception makes an enemy out of the influential Commander Anthony Craig


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