Lee Henschel Jr.

Lee Henschel Jr. was born in 1947 and studied at Bemidji State University. His published work includes Short Stories of Vietnam, and the novel, Deja Nam. He has been anthologized in Denmark and China, and in a wide range of magazines and periodicals in the United States. The inspiration for The Sailing Master came when he was thirteen and wanted to write a story set in the Golden Age of Sail . . . a story that one of his nautical heros, Captain Hornblower, might like to read. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Series: The Sailing Master
Year  Book  Comment
1798 The Sailing Master: Coming of Age At twelve years old, Owen Harriet joins HMS Eleanor to serve as cabin boy
  The Sailing Master: The Long Passage Owen falls prey to a demonic French privateer
1802 The Sailing Master: Letter of Marque HMS Eleanor must disguise herself as a West African slaver in a ruse of war
1821 The Sailing Master: Gods of Clay the drums of war thunder in the distance, as the Greeks fight for their independence

The author’s official web site is leehenscheljr.com

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