Les EldridgeLes Eldridge is the author of a series set during the American Civil War at sea. He also co-authored The Wilkes Expediton, Puget Sound and the Oregon Country, a history. He is a US Army veteran who taught maritime history periodically for 30 years in Washington colleges, and chaired the maritime committee of the Washington State Centennial Committee as well as holding appointments from five Washington State governors and the chief justice of the State Supreme Court.

He began his series after retiring from careers in university administration, elected office, and administrative law. He lives on Puget Sound and the island of O'ahu. 

Series: Rory Dunbrody and Tobias St. John
Year Book Comment
  The Chesapeake Command Dunbrody and St. John are thrust into armed confrontation with the British over possession of San Juan Island 
  Gray Raiders, Green Seas Confrontation on Chesapeake Bay, the Carolina coasts and the high seas 
  The Wake of the Woonsocket  Tobias, aboard USS Woonsocket, must sort through the conflicting expectations of Mexican President Benito Juarez 
  The Pride of Pascagoula Tobias and Rory experience the Kearsarge sinking the Alabama.
1866 The Chilean Corvette Rory becomes commander of the Chilean/Peruvian Atlantic Squadron


The author’s official web site is eldridgeseasaga.blogspot.com

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