Robert Michael Ballantyne

Robert Michael Ballantyne (1825 - 1894) was principally a writer of fiction for young adults. He was was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and went to Canada aged 16, where he spent five years working for the Hudson's Bay Company. He traded with the local Native Americans for furs, which required him to travel by canoe and sleigh to the areas occupied by the modern-day provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, experiences that formed the basis of his novel Snowflakes and Sunbeams (1856).

In 1847 Ballantyne returned to Scotland to discover that his father had died. He published his first book the following year, Hudson's Bay: or, Life in the Wilds of North America, and for some time was employed by the publishers Messrs Constable. In 1856 he gave up business to focus on his literary career, and began the series of adventure stories for the young with which his name is popularly associated. He spent his later years in Harrow, London, before moving to Italy for the sake of his health. He died in Rome.

Among his many novels can be found some on life at sea including two which can be classed as historic naval fiction. Many of his novels are not copyright in many countries and some are available as free eBooks.

Series: n/a
Year Book Comment
  The Battle and the Breeze Set around Nelson's Mediterranean chase culminating in the Battle of the Nile
  The Cannibal Islands Captain Cook's Adventure in the South Seas

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  The Pirate City: An Algerine Tale Tale of pirates vying against the might of the British Navy.
  The Madman and the Pirate A village propose a terrible fate for a man

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1867 Coral Island Three teenagers are shipwrecked on an uninhabited island in the South Seas
  Battles with the Sea Heroes of the lifeboat and rocket: being descriptive of our coast-life-saving apparatus
  Black Ivory About the slave trade in East Africa
  The Crew of the Water Wagtail The fate of the crew of the Water Wagtail
  Fast in the Ice A ship is trapped in the Arctic
  Fighting the Whales A fatherless boy joins the crew of a whaling ship
  The Floating Light of the Goodwin Sands Some insight into the condition, value, and vicissitudes of the light-vessels
  Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader Trading in the South Sea
  The Lifeboat The work of a lifeboat of the Kentish Coast
  The Life of a Ship Davy is taken to a shipyard to watch the building of a new sailing-vessel which he eventually sails on
  The Lively Poll A story of fishing in the North Sea
  Man on the Ocean A Book about Boats and Ships
  Saved by the Lifeboat A tale of wreck and rescue by lifeboat on the coast of the English Channel
  Sunk at Sea The adventures of wandering Will in the Pacific and the effects of a storm.
  The Young Trawler About the North Sea fishing fleets
  The Red Eric: Or the Whaler's Last Cruise Captain Dunning isthe owner and commander of a South Sea whale-ship
  The World of Ice The whaling cruise of "the Dolphin" and the adventures of her crew In the polar regions


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