Dont Tread on Me

When the thirteen British colonies in North America decided that they had enough of a central government that was deaf to their needs and rights, they set about to fix the problem. More than a year before these colonies decided to declare their independence from the British Empire, they had a shooting war on their hands. Eight months after that, they had a navy. These short stories are about the ships and men that comprised that navy. From Benedict Arnold's ships and marines at The Battle of Valcour Island, to John Barry's first capture of a British man o' war, the stories put you front and center in the action.

You will almost taste the salt spray and powder smoke. You'll probably want to duck when the splinters scythe over your head. Feel the sharkskin grip of the cutlass in your hand when you cross swords with the enemy. Grab a cup of coffee (not tea, that is too British) and sit back to enjoy these well researched accounts of actual events from the American Revolution at sea!

Author: David Perry

Title: Dont Tread on Me: Five Short Stories of the Continental Navy


First Published by: Griz Independent Publishing Resources


Format: Kindle

Date:5 August 2016



  • Author: David Perry
  • Title: Dont Tread on Me: Five Short Stories of the Continental Navy
  • First Published by: Griz Independent Publishing Resources
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 5 August 2016

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