This is a story of the men who sailed into battle against the mighty British Navy in their smaller, often obsolete vessels converted from merchant ships of the day — men with names such as John Barry, Richard Dale, and John Paul Jones.

Now you can experience the exploits of these men. At sea aboard a fragile wooden sailing ship of the Continental Navy, you find yourself fighting desperate battles against the world’s largest and most powerful Navy, Great Britain. Cover your ears! Cannons are firing everywhere — you cough on the pungent smoke, dodging and ducking as jagged oak splinters cartwheel past your eyes.

There is nonstop action in this exciting new book by a new author on the scene — David C. Perry. “Not Self but Country” is the first book in a planned new series telling the story of the infant US Navy.

Not Self but Country: A New Nation Forges a New Navy

Author: David Perry

Title: Not Self but Country: A New Nation Forges a New Navy

Series: Not Self but Country

First Published by: Griz Independent Publishing Resources


Format: Kindle

Date: 15 January 2014




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