Sail Away is a collection of short stories giving the supporting cast in Will and Davy's saga a little time on center stage-as well as shorter interludes between Will and Davy that were never intended as part of a longer story. Captain Smith was once a hot-headed young officer who met his match in the Colonies; Davy's cousin Kit, who plays an important role in Winds of Change, owes a considerable debt to the captain and crew of HMS Calypso...and in that same story, the reader meets a certain French physician who turns up again in Eye of the Storm. Sit back and enjoy a journey through the family album of the Royal Navy Series universe! For Cynthia Lancaster and newly-promoted Commander Paul Smith, it's love at first sight, but Cynthia has been promised to her father's protégé, the lackluster Mr. Evelyn Humboldt. But a young man on his way to Admiral is not about to let formalities come between them-and a young woman who has been pining to return to England has no interest in moving north with the Loyalists and a man she will never love. Revolution is brewing in the Lancaster household as well as the Colonies in "Captain's Courtship." Christopher St. John hadn't planned on staying in Paris until he met the unforgettable Zoe Colbert. Unable to pull himself away, Kit loses his heart to Zoe and nearly loses his life when a bloodthirsty French citizen takes exception to a despised aristo courting a French girl. It's turnabout with their lives on the line when the lady has to save her rescuer from the mob. If Kit is to "See Paris and Live," he must trust to love and pray to Lady Luck. The relationship between Will Marshall and David Archer has moved beyond friendship into love worth risking death for-even though neither young man has ever spoken his feelings. But when a storm leaves them "Castaway" on a deserted island, their fantasy seems just within reach...if they dare to take the chance. And, for the first time in print, six new Royal Navy short stories that show a glimpse of Will and Davy on holiday-Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, shore leave...including a special nit-picking vignette from Charlie Cochrane.

Sail Away

Author: Lee Rowan

Title: Sail Away

Series: Royal Navy Series

First Published by: Cheyenne Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 1 April 2012

ISBN-10: 1937692108

ISBN-13: 9781937692100




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