A Romance with an HNF Background:

1796. Rich, historical detail, engaging characters, and tightly written scenes of action - both nautical and romantic - set this Age of Sail tale of love and lust on the high seas far ahead of the rest of the fleet." - Josh Lanyon An officer, a gentleman...and a sodomite.

The first two earn honor and respect. The third, a noose. Even as he falls in love with his shipmate, David Archer realizes it is a hopeless passion. Not only is William Marshall the son of a minister, his first act aboard ship was to call out and shoot an older midshipman who made offensive advances. Davy realizes that Will would probably not shoot him if he expressed his feelings, but their affectionate friendship would surely end, once Marshall learned of Archer's "unnatural" yearnings.

William Marshall has never given much thought to any feelings beyond duty, loyalty, and honor. For a young Englishman in 1796, the Navy is a way to move beyond his humble origins and seek a chance at greatness. Captured by accident when their Captain is abducted, Archer and Marshall become pawns in a renegade pirate's sadistic game. To protect the man he loves, David Archer compromises himself-trading his honor and his body for Marshall's safety. When Will learns of his friend's sacrifice, he also discovers that what he feels for Davy is stronger and deeper than friendship. The first challenge: escape their prison. The second: find a way to preserve their love without losing their lives.

Ransom, the first book in the Royal Navy Series by Lee Rowan (author of "Tangled Web" from Running Press), introduces readers to the appealing characters of Lieutenants Marshall and Archer. Become part of the story as they discover their shared love against a backdrop of intrigue, mystery, and danger.


Author: Lee Rowan

Title: Ransom

Series: Royal Navy Series

First Published by: Cheyenne Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 1 August 2009

ISBN-10: 0-979777-33-X

ISBN-13: 978-0979777332




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