Battle Smoke1799-1800: Britain was acknowledged as supreme on the high seas in the Napoleonic wars, but her supremacy was constantly challenged by her centuries-old enemies, France and Spain. She could no let her navies relax for one moment.

Fox, battle scarred and weary but still fighting, has found his way back to England with great honour. Still, the high lords and dukes find it hard to accept this man as an equal.

He joins with the Knights of the Road to settle a few scores - for the battle on land between men still raged as did the battle at sea between ships. But Fox's cunning made him master of the seas, and he was not willing to bow to another...

Author: Adam Hardy

Title: Battle Smoke

Series: George Abercrombie Fox

First Published by: New English Library


Format: PB

Date: 1974

ISBN-10: 0450019675

ISBN-13: 9780450019678


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