Powder MonkeyBack in the 1970's Kenneth Bulmer, writing under the pseudonym of Adam Hardy, released a series of fourteen naval fiction books. They follow the career of George Abercrombie Fox who "would become the toughest bastard who ever walked the rolling deck of a fighting ship!".

Popularity of the series fell off at the time leading to substantially reduced print runs, however subsequently it has had something of a cult following leading to a vibrant second hand market. This in turn has led to some of the later books which are hard to come by being offered for high prices.

In good news, for the fans if not those seeking a profit, the series is coming back into print through the offices of Thunderchild Publishing in both paperback and kindle versions, the first of which was released on 19 January. The series is to be released in chronological order, unlike the originals, so there will be some differences in the volume number. Accordingly volume 1 is Powder Monkey.

I understand that subsequent volumes will be released at the rate of approximately one a week so you will not have long to wait for those elusive later volumes.

EDIT: Now released

  1. Powder Monkey
  2. The Press Gang
  3. Prize Money
  4. Siege
  5. Treasure
  6. Blood for Breakfast
  7. Court Martial
  8. Battle Smoke
  9. Cut and Thrust
  10. Boarders Away
  11. The Fireship
  12. Blood Beach
  13. Sea Flame
  14. Close Quarters



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