Adam Hardy

Adam Hardy  is a pseudonym used by Kenneth Bulmer (1921-2005)

Bulmer was born in London, married with one son and two daughters though he later divorced. He lived in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and was one of the most prolific authors of Science Fiction. He wrote hundreds of novels under more than a dozen pseudonyms.

As Adam Hardy he wrote a series about George Abercrombie Fox which starts in 1775 when Fox, named after an uncle hanged at Tyburn, joins the Royal Navy as a powder monkey.

(The pseudonym is often wrongfully attributed to Terry Harknett. This is an error resulting from incorrect copyright information printed in one of Harknett's books.)

Series: George Abercrombie Fox
Year Book Comment
1765   George Abercrombie Fox: Born London, 29th September, 1765. Second child in a family of ten. Named after his uncle, who was hanged at Tyburn.
Powder Monkey
(aka Sailor’s Blood)
Fox joins the Royal Navy as a powder monkey on a 64 headed for the American waters.
1793   Gazetted as Lieutenant
1797 The Press Gang Fox serves as Second Lieutenant of HM Frigate Duchess
1798 Prize Money Lt. Fox  transfers from ship to ship and now serving under Nelson hopes of advancement.
1799 Siege
(aka Savage Siege)
Lt. Fox, Acting Captain of HM Brig Raccoon, serves at the siege of Acre.
1799 Treasure
(aka Treasure Map)
The lure of gold brings Fox to the very brink of total disaster.
1799 Blood for Breakfast
(aka Sea of Gold)
With a Turkish harem on board, a Spanish three-master in tow, Fox the peacemaker is much in demand.
1799 Court Martial Fox faces court martial for his rapacious search for gold.
Battle Smoke Fox joins with the Knights of the Road to settle a few scores.
1800 Cut and Thrust After a period of leave Fox returns to sea with his own command.
1800 Boarders Away Promoted to Commander, Fox carries out many daring raids up and down the French coast.
1800 The Fireship Fox is given one of the most hazardous and exciting missions of his career.
Blood Beach Fox accepts a post in the expedition to Egypt
1801 Sea Flame Fox and his crew open the door to Cairo for the English army.
1801 Close Quarters Fox captures a French submersible and its inventor
Omnibus editions
  Fox Double No.1 The Press Gang, Prize Money
  Fox Double No.2 Siege, Treasure

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