The Crimean War rages on. Determined to break the stalemate, the British decide to send a spy into Odessa. And who better for this perilous mission than Captain Phillip Hazard, newly promoted to command of the steam-powered Huntress and fluent in Russian? Hazard bravely takes on the task, but saddled with a surly first lieutenant whose previous captain died mysteriously and with his crew plagued by an unknown illness, Hazard soon finds he must depend on his own resourcefulness to survive. In Odessa he finds danger and betrayal - and the beautiful Russian aristocrat he's been trying desperately to forget.

Hazard of Huntress

Author: Vivian Stuart

Title: Hazard of Huntress

Series: Phillip Hazard

First Published by: Robert Hale Ltd

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: 1972

ISBN-10: 0709131011

ISBN-13: 9780709131014



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