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Hazard to the Rescue


Spring 1855, the height of the Crimean War, and the siege of the Russian city of Sebastopol continues. In a desperate attempt to cut the Russians' supply line at the Sea of Azoff, the Allies commit 15,000 troops, five batteries of artillery, and virtually every ship of their Black Sea fleets. Commander Phillip Hazard and HMS Huntress undertake the crucial mission of marking a new channel for the Allies' attack under the formidable shore batteries guarding the Straight of Yenikale. Forced to make some hard decisions, Hazard faces court martial and, later, the brutality of the final assault on Sebastopol.

Victory at Sebastopol

Author: Vivian Stuart

Title: Victory at Sebastopol

Series: Phillip Hazard

First Published by: Robert Hale Ltd

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: 1973

ISBN-10: 070913990X

ISBN-13: 9780709139904



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