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Sailors on Horseback


With the Sepoy Mutiny still threatening British lives in India, Commander Phillip Hazard volunteers to accompany a special army force to rescue the besieged British garrison at Ghorabad. Hazard and the men of the Shannon's Naval Brigade are put under the command of Colonel Cockayne, a cavalry officer whose own wife and daughter are among those caught in the siege. Cockayne pushes the small British relief force to the limit, and Hazard and his bluejackets face treachery from all sides as they learn firsthand just how cruel land-based warfare can be.

Escape from Hell

Author: Vivian Stuart

Title: Escape from Hell

Series: Phillip Hazard

First Published by: Robert Hale Ltd

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: 1977

ISBN-10: 0709157487

ISBN-13: 9780709157489



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