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Black Sea Frigate


The Crimean War is at its peak as the winter of 1854 sets in. Commander Phillip Hazard of the 31-gun, steam-screw frigate Trojan is sent to bring troop reinforcements from Constantinople to Eupatoria. On the way, he must handle an overbearing young nobleman with a taste for blood and the pitiless power of a raging storm. Just when it seems things couldn't get worse, the Trojan happens upon a wrecked French transport carrying desperately needed medical personnel and supplies. Hazard must use all his courage and resourcefulness to pull off a rescue under the deadly bombardment of Russian artillery.

Hazard’s Command

Author: Vivian Stuart

Title: Hazard’s Command

Series: Phillip Hazard

First Published by: Aidan Ellis


Format: HC

Date: 1990

ISBN-10: 0856281956

ISBN-13: 9780856281952



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