Napoleon's GoldIn this third instalment of the adventures of Captain Luke Ryan the historical records on which the series is based have run out and the author gives free reign to his imagination to fill in a plausible history for the continued adventures of his characters. He set himself a difficult task in choosing to cover a lengthy period from the end of the fight for American Independence through to the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

As before the Irishmen spend much of their time based in France but this time operating in the Mediterranean. As the title indicates Ryans exploits become involved with Napoleon Bonaparte and we see some of his career from a new perspective with an interesting possible explanation of how he returned to France after the Egyptian campaign.

Because of the period covered the book is to some extent a series of shorter stories, however, there is plenty of action and they are woven well into an overall plot line which I enjoyed.


Description of: Napoleon's Gold

Author: Mark M. McMillin




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