The Glorious FirstThe Glorious First is the second book in M. Howard Morgan's series about Royal Marine officer Jack Vizzard.

As war with France breaks out the government needs information and Vizzard finds himself in the murky world of espionage. Captured in enemy territory he must find a way to escape. Back iin England, for his valuable work, he is assigned to a ship in Lord Howe's fleet which plays a pivotal role in the first major battle of the war known as the Glorious First of June.

The book really has two distinct parts, the first of which is somewhat slower, but it is well written and the storyline flows well. The book picks up as the battle approaches and the action sequences are graphically written.

It is good to see a Royal Marine character taking centre stage and I look forward to further instalments of Vizzard's adventures. Recommended.

Description of: The Glorious First

Author: M. Howard Morgan 

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