Malcolm Mendey

M. Howard Morgan is a pen name of Malcolm Mendey who is writing a series of books about Marine Officer Jack Vizzard.

Born in Carmarthen in South Wales, he spent his childhood years living in France, Belgium, Gibraltar and Germany. Following an initial career in civil law, he moved into loss adjusting, acting for and advising underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and multi-national insurers. With his family he spent nearly twenty years in New Zealand, has traveled extensively on assignments within the UK and Europe, the Far East, Oceania, and N. America. He now lives in the Cotswolds in Southwest England

An interest in genealogy resulted in the surprising discovery of an ancestor who was a marine with the First Fleet of convicts sent by Britain to Australia in 1788. Always a student of history, the discovery triggered an ever more consuming investigation into the Royal Marines and the history of the Golden Age of Sail and tangentially, the conflicts with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France, eventually leading to First Fleet, his debut novel. 

Series: Jack Vizzard
Year  Book  Comment
1787 First Fleet Marine Officer Jack Vizzard joins the first penal fleet to Australia
1794 The Glorious First Captured by a traitor Jack must escape France
1797 St Valentine's Fleet Vizzard serves aboard Commodore Nelson's ship

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