The Unfortunate IslesM. C. Muir's The Unfortunate Isles is the fourth novel in her 'Under Admiralty Orders - The Oliver Quintrell Series' and starts with Quintrell and the Frigate Perpetual back at sea after a long stay at anchor in Gibraltar. Badly in need of careening they find a sheltered cove in the Azores, a decision which brings him into conflict with a ruthless pirate.

As usual the author has chosen a setting for her work that is not often the focus of a naval fiction novel, in this case the Azores, as well as including an appearance by the Portuguese Navy. Quintrell is a very believable character who comes up with a devious plot to overcome the pirate.

All aspects of the story, the characters lives, seamanship, the conditions encountered and the history are well written and woven into a very believable and easy to read plot.

Both the book and the series as a whole are highly recommended reading.

Description of: The Unfortunate Isles

Author: M. C. Muir



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