Droits of the Crown

The next book in David Donachie's John Pearce series, Droits of the Crown was released for Kindle on 5 September and can be pre-ordered for it's Audible release on 1 November. There is currently no date for Hardcover or Paperback releases. UPDATE The Hardcover was relesed in the US on 5 September and will be available in the UK on 5 November

John Pearce faces a court martial, but will cowardly Toby Burns, chief witness, stand up to questioning? With the matter unresolved, HMS Hazard is put under the command of Horatio Nelson, with whom any cruise is bound to be eventful. Sure enough, battle is joined with two Spanish frigates, though success is short-lived and flight in the face of a superior foe becomes the only option.

In London, the government denies prize money for the cargo of silver Pearce took off the Santa Leocadia, claiming it as property of the Crown. Pearce’s prize agent seeks to fight this, only to be outmanoeuvred by the devious Henry Dundas. Worse, some very bad pennies from the past have come back to haunt the life of Emily Barclay and the thief-taker Walter Hodgson.

From Elba, Pearce is sent on a mission to collect fleeing members of the Corsican government – an assignment which seems simple but proves to be anything but. Seeking a solution which will not imperil his ship, he sets out to negotiate the aid of a local clan chief, inadvertently putting himself, his crew, and his rescued charges in jeopardy. Pearce finds himself trapped in a deep Corsican bay, facing odds of two to one, which he can only overcome by employing devious tactics. And even if he is successful, he will be forced to make a decision: to follow his instincts or to obey his orders.

Since the site was last updated the following Donachie Books have been added:

John Pearce Series

  • A Close Run Thing HC, PB, Kindle, Audio
  • HMS Hazard available HC, Kindle and Audio. PB release dates 7 May 2024 US and 7 July 2024 UK
  • A Troubled Course available HC, Kindle and Audio. PB release dates 7 May 2025 US and & July 2025 UK

David previously wrote a series about Markham of the Marines under the pen name Tom Connery. These have been re-released under his own name with an audio book edition added.

The Contraband Shore trilogy is about a Naval officers struggle against smuggling

The Wormwood Saga is a series of short stories intended to appeal to the readers’ sense of humour

and the four together in an omnibus - Goes to War: A David Donachie Omnibus Kindle, PB

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