After completing the siege of a French fortress in Corsica, Markham and his men are assigned to the sloop Syphide under the impetuous Captain Germaine. Before long, Germaine's foolhardy hunt for glory throws Markham and his ‘Lobsters' into a desperate ship-to-ship action. Fortunately, fighting hand to hand is what the battle-hardened Marines do best.

Like Markham, Germaine has been branded a coward, but in his zeal to restore his good name he sets Markham on another, more perilous venture.

This time, Markham must go ashore to escort a group of French Royalists on a secret mission. Dodging the French army patrols that surround Markham would be difficult enough, but it is particularly hazardous because he is shackled with a French count, a devious Catholic prelate, a young lady, and their contingent of servants.

Honour be Damned

Author: Tom Connery

Title: Honour be Damned

Series: Markham of the Marines

First Published by: Orion


Format: HC

Date: 16 November 1998

ISBN-10: 0752801473

ISBN-13: 9780752801476



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