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In the series of wars that raged between France and Britain from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries,seapower was of absolute vital importance. Not only was each nation's navy a key to victory, but was a prerequisite for imperial dominance. These ongoing struggles for overseas colonies and commercial dominance required efficient navies which in turn insured the economic strength for the existence of these fleets as instruments of state power.

This new book, by the distinguished historian Jonathan Dull, looks inside the workings of both the Royal and the French navies of this tumultuous era, and compares the key elements of the rival fleets. Through this balanced comparison, Dull argues that Great Britain's final triumph in a series of wars with France was primarily the result of superior financial and economic power.

This accessible and highly readable account navigates the intricacies of the British and French wars in a way which will both enlighten the scholar and fascinate the general reader. Naval warfare is brought to life but also explained within the framework of diplomatic and international history. An important new work.

The Age of the Ship of the Line: British and French Navies 1650-1815

Author: Jonathan R. Dull

Title: The Age of the Ship of the Line: British and French Navies 1650-1815

First Published by: Seaforth Publishing


Format: HC

Date: 18 July 2009

ISBN-10: 1848325495

ISBN-13: 9781848325494




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